How to Avoid Feeling Like a Hypocrite as an Anti-Scientologist

There are some very common ways that you can become a hypocrite as an anti-Scientologist. After being an anti-Scientologist myself for so long, I have identified a few of those ways of thinking so that you can avoid being a hypocrite as an Anti-Scientologist.

4 thoughts on “How to Avoid Feeling Like a Hypocrite as an Anti-Scientologist”

  1. Sorry but I still find talks to be tedious. When I listen to Alan Watts, Adyashanti or others on youtube I can use the settings tool to speed up the playback and everything being said is still quite intelligible.

    With the above talk I listened to a bit, was already familiar with the concept and didn’t need examples and jumped ahead. Another concept, jump ahead and so on. Maybe I missed something, but oh well. Maybe I’m too impatient.

    In short, for the purposes of a blog, if it’s important enough to say it, it should be important enough to write it down. Just my opinion. Another factor is probably the fast pace of the internet and modern communication.

    • Thank you for your communication. We here at Alanzo Critic Enterprises are always looking for new ideas to sharpen our skills and get better at everything we do.

      We’ve taken your comment in to our test tube laboratory and our crack team of professionals are forensically examining it, breaking it down into its essential raw materials, and hauling it away now for anything we can use in it.

      Thank you again for your contribution. We’ve entered your name into the green stamps sweepstakes where you could win up to a million dollars in free groceries!

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