Mike Rinder ScientologyYesterday, Mike Rinder wrote a post that he hoped would whip all his commenters up into a lather against Scientologists in the entertainment industry. Here are his final paragraphs of that post:

“But of course they ignore the huge failures that are stinking up the lobby at CC: Jenna Elfman has not been able to hold a job since Dharma and Greg. Kirstie Alley defines washed-up. Anne Archer hasn’t had a role in a decade (or two). Even the mighty Tom Cruise has had two box office bombs in a row. Danny Masterson has done nothing since the 70’s. Juliette Lewis might even be longer. Catherine Bell? Marisol Nicholls? The only one who has had consistent work and success is Bart Simpson. Why aren’t all these other people having successful careers? Why isn’t the scientology magic working for them? For heaven’s sake, it’s the Golden Age of Tech times 2.

And what about Jason, Paul and Leah? They are all flourishing. Jason has a massive NW TV hit that he stars on. Paul is constantly writing and does more real humanitarian work than all of scientology combined. And Leah — leaving scientology has seen her with a NYT #1 bestseller, an Emmy, the leading docuseries on TV and co-starring again in a prime time sitcom. Can you imagine if one of the scientologists had this sort of career success?

Perhaps ESCAPING scientology is the best career boost and guarantee of success.

There is plenty of evidence to support this idea.

Scientology continues to operate on the principle “never defend, always attack” — even though they are like cornered rats and will ultimately be wiped out entirely because they are such menacing, antagonistic and rabid vermin. They cannot change because it’s all laid out in their own policy.”

Did you get that next-to-last sentence?

“[Scientologists]… are like cornered rats and will ultimately be wiped out entirely because they are such menacing, antagonistic and rabid vermin.”

Here he is calling Scientologists “cornered rats” who will be ultimately wiped out entirely because they are such menacing, antagonistic rabid vermin.”

Is this Mike Rinder Anti-Scientology rhetoric reverting back into Mike Rinder Scientology rhetoric? Calling Scientologists “cornered rats” and “rabid vermin” who will “ultimately be wiped out” harkens back to earlier totalitarian regimes, and their rhetoric, which Mike often used as the head of propaganda for the Church of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs.

Thankfully, none of this over-the-top rhetoric really worked on his commenters in the way he was going for. Regular commenters repeatedly corrected Mike on his facts regarding Scientology celebrities and their successes – even though they are still in the Church.

Mike Rinder tried to show how David Miscavige always said that leaving Scientology made people fail.

Mike Rinder then ended up trying to show how staying in Scientology made people fail.

What’s the difference between David Miscavige’s and Mike Rinder’s arguments here?

Some of the dangers from having spent decades in the craziest part of Scientology, as the head of the Office of Special Affairs International, are the totalitarian impulses that can still consume a person – under the right conditions – long after they get out of Scientology.

Now that Mike Rinder is on TV, having flipped from the Number 1 propagandist for Scientology into the Number 1 propagandist against Scientology, let’s hope he is aware of these totalitarian impulses within himself, and that he is taking precautions to try to control them.

This particular post of his is not a good sign.