For Journalists: Is Tony Ortega Biased in His Reporting on Scientology?

Ask yourself: Is Tony Ortega biased on the subject of Scientology, on L. Ron Hubbard, on David Miscavige, or even on minority religions themselves? As a staunch atheist, might he be biased in the area of religious and spiritual pursuits generally?

Really. Ask yourself these questions.

Then consider my argument below.

Video Transcript:

Hi. It’s Alanzo.

Today I want to talk about Tony Ortega. I’ve been saying for a number of years now that Tony Ortega is biased as a journalist in his reporting on Scientology. I’m not saying that because I’m just this vicious troll – which is what he told a journalist at the Hollywood Reporter – that I was a vicious destructive troll. I know this because the reporter told me that Tony Ortega told him that. LOL

So this is why I say that Tony Ortega’s reporting on Scientology is negatively biased. My underlying assumption here, which any journalist should be able to recognize, is that the truth about anything is both the good and the bad of it. Right?

If you were going to tell the truth about Adolf Hitler, for instance, you would tell the truth about all the bad that he did, but you would also have to tell the truth about any of the good that he did too. And I agree that would probably not be very much – but the truth is both. So it’s the same way with L Ron Hubbard – the truth about L Ron Hubbard is both the good and the bad. The truth about Ronald Reagan is both the good and the bad.

I hope I’m not saying anything to a journalist here that they don’t already know.

So that’s my underlying assumption when it comes to Scientology. If you talk to a Scientologist he would only tell you the good. It’s just the good, just the good, just the good. Well that is also biased and you know that you wouldn’t be getting the truth if you only got just the good.

If you talk to somebody who is an anti Scientologist like Tony Ortega, you just get the bad. And if you don’t believe me, I’ve been reading him every day since 2011 when he began at the Village Voice reporting on Scientology – every single day. And I have to say that after, what, seven years now of reading him every day, it is astounding that he never, and I mean never, has anything to report about the good in Scientology. For seven years every single day it’s all bad.

So just like the Scientologist is wrong and not telling you the truth about Scientology when he says only the good about it, it is also not the truth about Scientology to report only the bad like Tony Ortega does.

So this is why I say that Tony Ortega is negatively biased as a journalist against Scientology.

If there’s anybody who can’t see this then it may be because you’re getting a steady stream of negative stuff about Scientology. It’s all that you know, and so you’re kind of an anti Scientologist without even knowing it. You discount, probably rightly discount, things that Scientologists say about Scientology because you know it’s biased. But you’re not discounting things that anti Scientologists say about Scientology and know that it’s biased, too.

Both sides have facts. Both sides have facts. Not just one side. The anti Scientologists aren’t the only ones with facts. So as a journalist, you should be able to recognize that you’re being fed a steady stream of bullshit from Tony Ortega about Scientology – just as if you were being fed a steady stream of bullshit from a Scientologist about Scientology.

So this is my argument for why Tony Ortega is biased on the subject of Scientology. I hope it makes sense.

Thank you very much.

Over and out.


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Chee Chalker
Chee Chalker

So if someone only reports negative FACTS about Scientology, does that then make those FACTS false?

Does Scientology ever report any negative FACTS about L Ron Hubbard? No. In fact, they outright lie about Hubbard’s accomplishments.

I’ve seen Ortega report the ‘positive’ facts about Hubbard such as Hubbard’s success as a science fiction writer or the fact that Hubbard was an Eagle Scout (was he the youngest Eagle Scout as Hubbard claims? Who knows).

Almost everything Scientology says about itself and Hubbard are proven lies – from the number of members to Hubbard’s cause of death.

I guess unless someone is willing to regurgitate the lies Scientology puts forth as fact, they are deemed ‘bigoted’


Maybe Ortega couldn’t find anything good in Scientology. I think he did report that some members felt better for a while after auditing.

Or maybe there really is nothing good in Scientology, and it’s 100% temporary self-deception.


One thing is true. We got much more informations(esspecialy tehnical ones) from so called “AntiScientologist” than from Scientology(ist).
Scientology response for “AntiScientologist” arguments are only attack on their personality on sites like, and similar full BAD things about subject. (If you talk to a Scientologist he would only tell you the good)
There are no exact answer on any question.
Only “Microcolapple” type propaganda like “We are the Best” and “We have solutions for your all problems” etc.

Dante McFrante
Dante McFrante

Hey Alanzo 🙂 wanted to thank you again for allowing me to comment. Its interesting to be here, as an ex of a different sort.

I too was in a very awkward and harmful religious situation that caused me to lose a good chunk of my family and friends when I left. LGBT and Christian Orthodoxy do not generally mix — being an unholy SP sent by satan lol I have been on the blogging side of absolute atheism, ethical atheism, and other sides of the coin. I was ANGRY. Like REALLY angry to the point of being self destructive.

A decade passed then I peacefully accepted that some people will hate no matter what you do. When I started talking about it with others, I was branded a “traitor” to “the cause” O.o So I became less and less involved and felt just as abandoned as when my own family turned on me.

Lets tie this into your video a bit. I was very very very biased against any form of religion. When I spoke I never ever mentioned anything good that Christianity has ever done. It was about the cruelty of the Crusades, Martin Luther and how he influenced Adolph Hitler, how Muslims disfigure their women, or other hotbutton topics. My own distaste for the topic made my point of view inherently flawed. NOTHING I talked about was from a neutral point of view.

I have more in common with Hillel than Hubbard, so its not like I’m saying we should tolerate a scam like Scientology. When I see people who still believe in Scientology tech get trolled at the Bunker and how Marty has been reviled like some kind of leper, its time to question the methods that are being used to get clicks.

Hillel the elder said it best 🙂 “In a place where there are no humans, one must strive to be human.”

Joe Pendleton
Joe Pendleton

I think you are essentially right about Tony Ortega, who is also by the way, someone who has never studied or experienced Scientology himself.

I would NOT say the same about Leah , Rinder and Karen DLC , who are specifically on a mission you might say, to expose the abuses and lies of the CoS.


Yes Alanzo, Tony Ortega is negatively biased on Scientology. I just wanted to ack you.

Just like I am, as an ex member, and you. He knows the truth which is no clears or OT’s, hence negative about scientology. Yay!.


Alanzo – When cable television first came out I was channel surfing and came across Billy Graham preaching. He KNEW, he was POSITIVE, he was CERTAIN, that if he fell dead on the stage that very moment he would IMMEDIATELY go to Heaven. Try to argue with THAT!


Thanks Alanzo for leading us to really look into Tony, I just did a Google search for “Tony ortega biased journalism” and it got me to a website named, and WOW – did you know all that Tony is and was involved in, concerning sex-trafficiking?? You should research into it and make a blog post on that.