A History of Scientology Criticism: The Miss Bloody Butt Incident

In the many attempts by the Int Base Escapees to rewrite the history of Mike Rinder’s OSA Fair Game – making you believe that “Mike Rinder is the most fair-gamed person in history” – it’s good to refer back to the much bloodier history of Scientology Fair Game – those events which happened before all the Int Base Escapees came out at the same time and started taking over criticism of Scientology on the Internet.

This is from a 2001 article, still available on the legendary newsgroup alt.religion.scientology.

If you want to see some real Scientology fair game against real Scientology critics – go there and learn the history. Learn these peoples’ names. Learn their stories. Many of them are still around, plugging away.

They deserve your support.

I write about this now because it should be kept in mind as one possibility for some of the events we are seeing today.

Here’s a rundown of the Miss Bloody Butt Incident, in memory of legendary old guard critic, Tom Klemesrud (RIP).

Michael Reuss
Mar 20, 2001, 1:42:59 AM

> Tom Klemesrud wrote:

>”I hate thinking back on this; and worse, I hate knowing that many people I respect
>here still don’t believe what I said about this.”

Tom, I was inclined to believe your story based on your direct account
of the events. After all, the cult was out to squelch both you and
Dennis, and they made no secret about that. They were quite fanatical
and unequivocal.

The methods used against Tom, however bizarre and strange, would fit
in perfectly with the manipulative types of Scientology Black Ops
described by Mike McClaughry in his XenuTV interview video, (which can
be viewed at http://www.xenutv.com/trust/mike.htm )

For those who weren’t aware of the story, Tom Klemesrud’s BBS was the
upstream provider of Dennis Erlich’s a.r.s internet feed back in
1994-95. If you aren’t aware of who Dennis Erlich is, then just
realize that back in 1995, he was the cult’s enemy #1, just as Bob
Minton is today.

One day, early in 95, Erlich had replied via the BBS feed, to an
anonymously posted a.r.s message containing copyrighted OT materials.
Erlich quoted the message and said simply, “it looks like the actual
OT material to me” (may not be the exact quote, it something very akin
to that). For this awful and terrible and criminal breach (that’s a
joke), the RTC actually raided and sued Dennis, while at the same
time, they tried to pressure Tom Klemesrud to cut off Dennis’ internet
access. Tom refused, and said that he’d need the RTC to show him proof
of copyright ownership before he would do that. They refused to show
him proof, and instead sued Tom for “contributory infringement.”
Sometime later, Tom’s liability insurance carrier force Tom to settle
with the cult.

But some time after this all began, Tom got a bit drunk at a bar with
a woman who claimed to be an FBI agent. From Tom’s account, it
appeared that she chatting him up and flirting with him. She claimed
to want to see Tom’s computer setup. Tom agreed, probably thinking he
might be getting lucky.

So they both went to Tom’s apartment (taking a cab, which I found very
commendable, as both were somewhat inebriated). Up to this point,
there doesn’t appear to be any disagreement. But from here on out,
there are two, wildly different accounts of what happened. According
to Tom, once in his apartment, things turned ugly. The woman went into
his bathroom, removed her jeans, and he says she took a plastic tube
containing some blood-red goo from between her legs, and began
flinging it around, splashing it on the walls of his apartment.
According to Tom, she told him that she represented Scientology and if
he knew what was good for him, he’d better start doing what
Scientology demanded.

Tom then claimed that he dialed 911 and took a shotgun out of his
closet to protect himself, in case the woman attempted to do anything
even crazier. The cops came. Tom told his version of the story, which
sounds pretty unbelievable. She told the cops her hemorrhoids had been
bleeding and that he had threatened her with the gun. If I recall
correctly, the cops then arrested Tom.

On a.r.s, the Scientology sock puppets sprang into action, bringing
all sorts of DA materials out about Tom and alternative theories about
what happened. They accused him of being not credible, of being
violent, unstable, a drunk, etc. All in all, not unlike the stupid
lies they were recently saying about Mark Bunker following his bogus
arrest in Chicago.

The clambot party line was that the woman in Tom’s apartment, whoever
she might be, had nothing whatsoever to do with Scientology, and that
Tom was either hallucinating or simply making up his story about her
claiming to intimidate him in the name of Scientology. They claimed
that he was in a cynical and malicious way, trying to unfairly malign
Scientology for something that involved just him and some drunk

By virtue of the sock puppets intense sneering and smearing of both
Tom and Dennis, I was somewhat convinced that Tom’s story was probably
the truth.

Tom later posted a transcript of a part of the 911 tape (it was only a
partial, because the LAPD couldn’t find the remaining portions of the
recording). The part that was transcribed fit almost exactly with
Tom’s earlier recollection of the 911 call, and verified at least that
part of his account. It also made it pretty clear that the name
Scientology had been used in his apartment by his “guest.” From the
tape, it was clear that as the blood smearing was happening, Tom
honestly believed an OSA agent was threatening him. He was clearly not
making up a story in a calculated, devious, intentional way. His
somewhat inebriated state also ruled out every possibility except
three. Either he was telling the truth, or else he was an accomplished
actor with a completely devious mind, or he was capable of creating an
elaborate ruse instantly, while under the influence, and under the
stress of having a strange and naked FBI agent woman, bleeding badly
from her butt, in his apartment.

After that, there would have been very little that could have shaken
my confidence in Tom’s version of the story.

But then, the cult’s version of events were further discredited. In
direct contradiction of the shore stories being fed to the newsgroup
by the clambots, Helena Kobrin took an affidavit from one Linda
Woolard to the L.A. police. Woolard’s affidavit claimed that it was
she who was with Tom that night, and it was she who had bloodied Tom’s
apartment walls with blood from her hemorrhoids, which she claimed had
erupted and began spurting only after Tom had spontaneously threatened
her with a shotgun.

The affidavit’s hemorrhoid story was ludicrous on its face. Moreover,
if Linda Woolard had nothing to do with Scientology, why did she give
her sworn affidavit to Moxon and Kobrin? And how would she even know
about them? How would they know about her?

One of the sock puppets, I believe it was Andrew Milne, weakly claimed
on the newsgroup, that because Scientology was being seen as
unbelievable by a.r.s critics, the cult had decided to seek out the
Woolard woman to find out the truth. But then, how did they find her?
No one knew her real name, as she had given Tom a false name and
falsely claimed to be an FBI agent. How did Scientology find out her
identity if, as Andrew Milne had claimed, she had nothing at all to do
with Scientology?

Milne later floated out a second theory that she must have contacted
Scientology’s lawyers after reading all the stories about herself on
the internet. He was pressed on his claim. Did he know if she had done
this, or was this just his acceptable truth shore story? Milne simply
wouldn’t say.

The questions arose that if Woolard thought she needed a lawyer, why
would she contact Scientology’s lawyers? Why would she not contact a
lawyer out of the yellow pages? Why would she even think she needed to
contact a lawyer at all? After all, she was in no legal trouble, as
far as anyone could tell. No cops appeared to think she needed
arresting for bloodying Tom’s walls. No feds appeared to want to
question her for impersonating an FBI agent. Woolard to the best of
anyone’s knowledge, had never posted to the newsgroup. If she really
had seen the newsgroup, and wanted to correct false statements, she
could have done so directly, without hiring a lawyer.

Also, contrary to the sock puppet shore story, Kobrin never posted the
affidavit to a.r.s or anywhere else where it would quell criticism.
No, she took the affidavit to the LAPD, probably so she could then use
it as some sort of alleged “police” evidence that she could
subsequently introduce into the civil action they were mounting
against Tom.

I think there is only one conclusion. Quite simply, Scientology tried
to terrorize Tom in order to shut him up, and to coerce his
participation in the silencing of Dennis Erlich.

As unbelievable as all this sounds, the edict to Scientologists to act
this way is right in the LRH policies. Critics were being shown in a
quite literal way, the Scientology policy that says bring actual blood
sex crime evidence to bear against enemies. We were being shown that
Scientology would even stage terrorist acts to manufacture such

Needless to say, you stupid OSA culties, it didn’t work. And it’s
still not working. It’s not likely ever to work. Why don’t you try a
new tack, like listening, and making reasonable accommodation to the
critics? Nah, what am I saying. The brainwashed will never accept such
woggish 1.1 suggestion as mine, to be kind to people, even those
people they would like to label as enemies.

Oh, BTW, later, an offloaded ex-Scientologist who still was in thrall
to Scientology (Keith Little, posting as ‘Whippersnapper’) argued
strenuously for the plausibility of Woolard’s affidavit, and even went
searching for medical support for the theory that someone’s asshole
might actually spurt blood with enough force to have blood hitting the

He was informed by at least one physician that if someone was bleeding
like that, it would mean ruptured arteries, and the afflicted person
would be in very immediate danger of dying from loss of blood. But did
Linda Woolard’s affidavit mention needing medical help? Did she get
weak from loss of blood? No, quite the contrary. According to all
accounts, including her affidavit, she refused medical treatment when
asked by the cops at Tom’s apartment. She just waltzed out into the
Los Angeles night, as fit as a fiddle.

I don’t know how Whippersnapper ultimately munged that information
around in his mind to exonerated Scientology, but somehow, he seemed
to do it.

So that’s the basic story of Miss Bloodybutt. And in 1995, these are
the events that led to Scientology becoming known as the Cult of the
bloody spurtin’ hemorrhoid.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s a label that still fits today. It will
continue to fit, until those responsible, Mike Rinder, David (*)
Miscavige, Gene Engram (er, I mean Ingram), Helena “Hi HO” Kobrin and
Kendrick Moxon, not to mention Woolard and Cory Brennan and Andy
Milne, admit to their lies and apologize to Tom Klemesrud for trying
to terrorize him, and until they make some appropriate restitution.

Of course we know that would be more difficult for them than giving a

Michael Reuss
Honorary Kid

For more on this OSA Fair Game Operation against its critics:




Ask yourself: This was Mike Rinder’s “Op” against Scientology’s critics.

Why has Mike Rinder never spoken of this?

Why did he never contact Tom Klemesrud and give him the information he needed to seek justice for it?

This is a question that Mike Rinder, to this day, has never answered for his victims.


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