What Alex Gibney’s Film “Going Clear” Means to Me

This documentary by this Oscar winning filmmaker, based on a book by a Pulitzer prize winning journalist, means that the exposure of Scientology criminality and abuse has now gone mainstream, and the work of many hundreds of people has finally succeeded.

No matter what they tried to do to us, Scientology could never shudder us into silence.


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  1. There are many unsung heroes in this story.  If it were not for people like yourself, Gerry Armstrong, Jessie Prince, Mark Bunker, and many others, the true story of Scientology would have died out years ago.  In some respect, the message was seen as a niche subject.  What Wright and Gibney have done is humanize the struggle, summarize and codify the main points that have been raised over the past two or three decades.  The fact that they are artists and master communicators intensifies the penetration into the public consciousness.

    For sure, Scientology is now mainstream – but for all the wrong reasons.


  2. I appreciate and will lap up all praise, admiration, and skirt-blowing that anyone wants to give me, Statpush.

    But I really can not be compared to those guys you compared me to. All I’ve ever done is write stuff. Those guys have DONE stuff, lots of stuff.

    You do make a good point, though. There were lots of people left out of that documentary.

    People like:

    Gerry Armstrong
    Jesse Prince
    Dennis Ehrlich
    Arnie Lerma
    Stacy Brooks
    Robert Minton
    Marc and Claire Headley
    Luis Garcia
    Joel Sappel
    Richard Behar
    Joe Childs
    Gordon Bell
    Bill Franks
    Lori Hodgson
    Kevin Mackey
    Patty Moher
    Graham Berry
    Nancy Many
    Jenna Hill
    Carmel Underwood
    Andreas Heldal-Lund
    Robin Scott
    Larry Wollerschiem
    Bent Corydon
    Mick Wenlock
    Tom Klemesrud
    Bruce Hines
    Pete Griffiths
    Laura Ann deCrescenzo
    Australian Senator Nick Xenophon
    Frikking Anderson Cooper, for Christ’s Sake

    There are so many people whose sacrifices and contributions would never fit into a 2 hour documentary.

    In fact, Vulture Magazine has a story on this today:

    21 Stories that “Going Clear” left out

    • Exactly.

      This is why I just said “hundreds of people” in my post.

      LRH and Miscavige never realized that when you attract people to a subject like Scientology with buttons like “helping your fellow man” and “making the world a better place” and “freedom” and “human rights”, and then you screw over those people and try to destroy their lives with Scientology, you are in for a major shitstorm. Because those are not the kind of people you should fuck with like that.

      They are not the kind of people to run away quietly and let others be harmed.

      Hubbard and Miscavige really were/are very stupid people.

      And if it weren’t for the stupid fanatics like Tom Cruise, neither of them would have ever been able to get away with any of it.


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