Marty Threatened by Scn thugs

Marty Processes the Threat by Scientology Thugs to Harm the Adoption of His Son in Louis Theroux’s “My Scientology Movie”

Yesterday, a mysterious one-comment poster to the Underground Bunker wrote something that is heretical to Tony Ortega’s narrative that Marty Rathbun secretly “settled” with David Miscavige, cutting out Monique’s attorneys, and worked for DM as a turncoat spy.

Here’s the comment that threatens Tony Ortega’s “Turncoat Spy” narrative which Tony went into action against on his blog last night and this morning:

As brought up by Gib on ESMB:

Alice Addertounge • a day ago
THE SQUEEZE POINT – As someone who knows Marty slightly behind the scenes I’ll forward my observations as to why he is currently acting so weird.

His adoption had a “probationary” period. The church made veiled threats to release information from his time in the church to make him out to be unfit to be a parent.

Monique is pissed. At him, and herself for being in this situation.

Marty has called all the shots, but missed on a few big ones.

They are just trying to keep a family and marriage together in the face of more attention than most people could continue under.

His karma has truly come to fruition. Just when things seemed to be going well, it doesn’t. Karma is the great teacher, hopefully Marty is a good student.

Look for a slightly less arrogant Marty if he makes it through.

Normally, HelluvaHoax!, the most negative Ex-Scientologist on the planet, and the world’s most negatively biased journalist on Scientology, Tony Ortega, see eye to eye on everything.

But ESMB’s HelluvaHoax! has been having a hard time making the standard Ortega narrative on Marty Rathbun make sense inside his own considerably bulbous brain. This is why he recently latched on to that squirrel version of the Marty Narrative to write a post about it on his venue of choice, ESMB.

Tony didn’t like it.

So when HellavaHoax! showed up in the comments section of the Underground Bunker, Tony let him have it.

Tony Ortega Mod outraged • 2 hours ago
Kind of amazing the way someone shows up and creates a Disqus account in order to leave one very suspicious comment claiming they might might be privy to some inside info, and now so many people, particularly over at ESMB, are treating it like it’s an actual fact.

In the morning I have someone addressing this fabrication on the record, and I hope people give it as much credence as they have a complete rumor left by a classic one-comment operator.

HelluvaHoax! Tony Ortega • 2 hours ago

if i read those ESMB posts correctly, I think that pretty much everyone was saying that hypothetically it could be an explanation for Marty’s weird behavior. Nobody has a clue but at least that theoretical scenario had a tiny narrative thread that could make any sense at all. Personally, I don’t have a freaking clue why Marty does the things he does.

CONCLUSION: It’s Scientology–it doesn’t have to make sense.

Tony Ortega Mod HelluvaHoax! • 2 hours ago

I’m usually a big fan of the things you write at ESMB, but the way you pumped oxygen into this fire without any evidence at all was flatly irresponsible. (bolded is Alanzo’s)

HelluvaHoax! Tony Ortega • 2 hours ago

Well, that’s why when I posted one thing about it, I put up a big paragraph of DISCLAIMER about it at the top–saying in a dozen ways that I KNOW NOTHING about Marty or any of the people involved in his life, family or Scientology battles. Maybe you missed the disclaimer?

Tony Ortega Mod HelluvaHoax! • 2 hours ago

It was quite prominent. It said: “I don’t know the slightest thing what I’m saying, but I’m now going to spin a conspiracy story.” And it worked quite well, convincing many people over there that you had everything figured out. Like I said, irresponsible.

Since HH! is just too obedient to ask right now, Alanzo will ask for him:


This morning, Tony brought in Ray Jeffrey to his blog, who lost millions in billable hours for his law firm, as reported by Tony Ortega, when Marty and Monique Rathbun pulled out of their 3 year lawsuit against the Church of Scientology in early 2016.

The good counselor’s argument for why DM would never threaten the Rathbun’s adoption was that this would be BLACKMAIL, and the Church of Scientology would have NEVER threatened Marty and Monique like that.

Well of course EVERYONE KNOWS that the Church of Scientology would NEVER engage in BLACKMAIL of their most outspoken critics!

And they would never threaten the child that Marty and Mosey hold so dear.

Oh wait…


Now Ray Jeffrey, by all accounts, is a great guy. He got Debbie Cook, Wayne Baumgartener, and Dave’s Private Investigators each a Big Pay Day in court. In fact, Dave’s PI’s and Debbie Cook are some of the very few people to ever receive Big Pay Days both while working for the Church of Scientology AND afterward, but that is neither here nor there…

What’s important here is that Tony Ortega and Ray Jeffrey have a narrative on Marty Rathbun, and HelluvaHoax! was IRRESPONSIBLE to that narrative!

Shame on you, HH!

The “threatened adoption” hypothesis is only one viable hypothesis, among many, for what we are seeing here. Tony and Ray’s single hypothesis, which they’re riding like little hobby horses in a futile attempt to herd Ex-Scientologists’ thinking, has holes as big as the open range.

Ex-Scientologists know more about Scientology than Tony Ortega and Ray Jeffrey ever will.

I say: Be as cats among yourselves. Run free into the wild and never again be herded by any man’s business interests. Seek to live with the truth.