My Position on Keith Raniere

Most Anti-NXIANS, like most Anti-Scientologists, aren’t the most truthful bunch.

If they disagree with you, and can twist something to make you look bad, they will. Like most anticultists, they will spew endless accusations that are designed to make you look less reasonable than you actually are, and they do not care if any of it is true.

As a result, I need to publicly document things, just to defend myself against these craptards.

So here is my true, stated position on Keith Raniere, as expressed to Suneel Chakravorty via email in late April 2021:

Hi Suneel –

I have to say, the more I read the more I’m convinced that Keith had sex with Camila before the age of consent. And so the project to overturn this part of his conviction, for me, becomes an overwhelming exercise in legalism, rather than a fight for the truth.

Legalism is for attorneys.

I very much love, respect and remain inspired by everyone I’ve met on this project. I believe you, Nicki, Eduardo, Marc, are all good people to the core. In the end, I believe the unfettered power got to Keith and he did incredibly stupid and criminal things which you are all paying for. You don’t deserve it. He does. Maybe not 120 years worth, but certainly some time spent in federal prison is just for Keith Raniere. How much, again, is a matter for judges and attorneys and not for me.

A similar thing happened, and is still happening, in Scientology too. The leaders were/are criminal, the followers are not. The leaders were liars, the followers are not. It’s amazing what people will do to keep the money and power rolling in without regard to the harm they are doing to all the people who gave it to them.

I am expressing my opinion to you, openly and honestly from my viewpoint, after a few months of discussions and study. My opinion is not expert, nor is it set in concrete.

But my opinion is expert in the area of how I should spend my own life. And I have concluded that this particular fight – to defend Keith Raniere – is not for me.


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