Liz Gale and Cassie Marie Have an Excellent Discussion of Criticism and the Aftermath Foundation

If you haven’t seen this, watch it.

Liz Gale has had a long term behind the scenes relationship as an Ex Scientologist seeking help from the Aftermath Foundation. She shares her experiences here, openly and honestly.

Wow. I’ve been out for 25 years. In the last 12 years or so – ever since these Int Base Sea Org Executives took over all criticism of Scientology on the Internet – the problems Liz and Cassie highlight here are SPOT ON.

These two women are fantastic. They have bulleted power points, specific criticisms, and suggestions for improvement.

Watch the whole thing.

7 thoughts on “Liz Gale and Cassie Marie Have an Excellent Discussion of Criticism and the Aftermath Foundation”

  1. yes i have noticed that…you would think they would be critically thinking… certainly dont want to beat up on all the young folks…but dear God….history is everything…except when its revised…that was done in my cult too… i saw you over on oh No Nora…wth?? m goodness what is she and most of sptv so scared of??

    • I feel that the questions I asked Nora were legitimate, as a former producer on Scientology and the Aftermath. But just like all of these guys, they can’t deal with the question, such as “Which incidents of abuse and criminality did the TV series investigate but not report on?”

      She didn’t have to take up the question, or put any of them on her screen. But she chose to only in order to ignore them and go after me personally – which is what all these Sea Org sociopaths do.

      I, of course, know what stories they quashed and have been writing about them since the series was on the air. I was criticizing the show, in real time, to try to get them to report on them.

      She blamed A&E. But never acknowledged that even after the series was canceled, Mike And Lee-Lee never took up the stories they “couldn’t” air – because, they claim, A&E wouldn’t let them – and aired them on the Fair Game Podcast, Mike’s Blog, Lee-Lee’s Twitter feed, or any where else.

      They, without a doubt, quashed the Scientology murders made to look like suicides of:


      At one point, in amongst all her ad homs, she blurted out “I DONT KNOW ABOUT KYLE BRENNAN!”

      This from a producer on a TV show that supposedly had the purpose of exposing the crimes of Scientology.

      That’s why I called her a fake critic of Scientology.

      I admit it was provocative and it even turned brutal.

      But people have been murdered and no one is talking about it.

      And yet we’re all critics?


      Some of us aren’t. Some of us are fake.


  2. i know Alonzo you are not popular in the SPTV community…for the record i dont think you are a thanks for that…this is only my view and opinion and i could be dead wrong about this…but the way the aftermath board handled this complete debacle is disturbing…ok so here i go..i think Aaron was the scapegoat in it all…and not the main problem…thankfully it brought other twisted behaviour into the light….i think the whole AMF is a Scientology front group that is setup to get disaffected SCs out of the evil davey cult into their new and improved freezone group…a complete power play…i know karen delacarriere has her outerbanks group…freezoners…but accepts all…nice setup so u cant tell who is who…tell me if i am way off with this..appreciate feedback…anyone???

    • Thanks for raising me above the status of troll. It’s a rare thing for me.

      Having been out since 1999-2000, I’ve seen a lot of developments over the years. The biggest development I’ve seen occurred in 2008-2010 with the rise of Anonymous, and the Church’s response to it. After almost a year of monthly global protests outside every org in the world, and Australian senators holding hearings and calling Scientology a “criminal organization” on the floor of the Senate, the former head of the RTC, responsible for eliminating all squirrels, and the former CO OSA Mike Rinder, responsible for eliminating all critics, appeared on a blog set up by Marty Rathbun.

      All of the rest of the Int Base Escapees came out and joined him there, each publishing books saying the same things – all edited by the same 1 or 2 guys, who were also from Int.

      These Int Base Escapees then systematically took over every venue that discussed Scientology on the Internet. They discredited or shuddered into silence, or literally paid off, every single critic who had been producing content. If you refused to be controlled by them, or did not follow their orders, you were discredited, banned, disconnected from, alienated and marginalized.

      It is amazing to me, and a continual source of disappointment, how many Ex-Scientologists follow their orders.

      This is the factual history of what I have observed.

      Interpret those facts any way you want.

      The people from Int Base, the ones who ran Scientology, knew Scientology was a scam. They saw all the people going crazy on the OT levels, they ran all Fair Game Ops, enforced all the contracts, ran all the lawyers – hid all the crimes. Even to get to Int base in the first place, these people were vetted for their a-morality, their ability to lie, to take orders and to execute those orders instantly with no backflash.

      All abuse and criminality in Scientology flows from the Sea Org.

      And all that criminality and abuse originates, and is ordered by, Int.

      Thus, all people who worked at the Int Base of Scientology are not the cream of the crop, or the “Elite”, they are the worst of the worst.

      They are the wrong people to be leading anything, even a pop-sickle stand. Here’s how you know: Can the “exposure” they talk about lead to a criminal indictment that will penetrate Marty, Mike & Dave’s Corporate Veil and make a change to Scientology leadership, get a review of their tax exemption, or threaten its global real estate scam?

      Or is the “exposure” simply morally outrageous yet entirely legal or legally null?

      If it is, the Int Base Escapees will talk about it.

      If it’s not, you’re dead meat if you talk about it.

      As for Aaron, I’ve been watching and writing about him, too. Aaron has always said everything they wanted said, and done everything they wanted done. He has discredited and attacked every Ex-Scientologist they wanted attacked. Aaron has now said some things, and done some things, they could not control.

      And now Aaron is gone.

      And they got all the money, too, didn’t they?

      The Int Base Escapees are the furthest things from heroes.

      No one should be listening to them about anything.


      • thanks alonzo for the update….i was never in cos but in a bible based cult…for 10 awful years…but have been following the antics of cos since 95-96 when i witnessed cos attacking stacy brooks and vaughn young…at a CAN conference in was traumatic for me at the time as i was just beginning to heal from my cultic experience…you are probably aware that cos bankrupted the cult awareness network… at the time cos was allowed in the conference….how horrible is that??? anyway so i have studying all things culty since…i feel so bad for many of the little content creators on SPTV…but have no use for their so called foundation nor any of the heavy weights…really appreciate your insights…thankyou

        • Wow – 95-96!

          I was still a fervent Churchie when you got started!

          There are very few people left who know the history here, mostly because these Int Base people have revised it, obfuscated it, distracted from it, lied about it and generally created a mass of ignorant “soldiers” who depend on them for their orders.

          Good to have you here, Trek222.



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