Jason Horvatic is Deconstructing Scientology in a Careful, Intellectually Honest Way

To me, that’s very refreshing.

He remains uncorrupted by cult & anticult tribalism.

Here, he is providing his notes on his re-reading of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by L Ron Hubbard years after leaving Scientology, and while he is being educated in linguistics at university.

I’ve attempted something similar myself, and I’ve watched a very few Exes do it, too. But only after I’d realized how much I’d damaged myself through anticultism.

It’s very difficult for an Ex not to immediately swallow the anticult ideology when first getting out of Scientology, and then just flip 180 degrees from fervent PRO to fervent ANTI like I did. Jason is obviously avoiding that trap that I and so many Exes fell into, and he is taking his time and learning a great deal about himself, and about his previous path in the ideology of Scientology.

I mean, it was his whole life, right? Why waste all that life experience by just simplistically dismissing it all as delusion? If it really was just delusion, that would be one thing. But, I’m sorry, Scientology is not all delusion.

Jason is ensuring he retains the treasure of his own life experience.

Good for him.

Jason blocked me after my first comment to him on his youtube channel, so he probably thinks I’m too militant for him. He’s probably taken a lot of flak from anticultists for not swallowing the anticult ideology whole right after getting out, and it’s hard for him to distinguish who is what right now.

Or, I’m too militant for him.

Oh well. I still love him, even if he doesn’t love me.

Here’s his deconstruction of Dianetics.

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