Bizarrely, Tony Ortega continues to try to silence and discredit this woman. I tweeted the posts Fiona and others made to the Underground Bunker after they found out Ortega had called Fiona a “vicious hate-monger” in an attempt to discredit her to his readers.

He deleted their comments to keep anyone from being able to see them in the Underground Bunker within a few minutes after they were posted, but I managed to get this screenshot of them.

Tony Ortega Trying to Discredit and Silence Fiona Oleary

Tony Ortega continues to try to discredit and to silence yet another effective critic of Scientology because she will not be controlled by him.

So the next time you hear Tony Ortega say something about:

Marty Rathbun
Monique Rathbun
Carmen Llyweln
Media Lush
Fiona O’Leary
Angry Gay Pope
Aaron Smith-Levin

Remember his pattern which I have been documenting here.

Speak your mind.

As an Ex. As a critic. Do not let Tony Ortega influence your thoughts, behaviors, or emotions. He is a controlling, demagogic, exploitative, sneering and abusive nihilist whose every word should be examined and questioned and whose every dead-agent campaign against good people should be picked apart and blown to the wind.

Any questions on what my stand is on this and why?