Exposing Scientology: How To Do It Right

Exposing Scientology is a finely honed skill.

John McGhee knows how to inoculate society from the toxic spiritual deception and totalitarian paramilitary fanaticism of Scientology. Here he gives a master class in exactly how it is done.

John will not always be on guard, as he too has a life beyond Scientology which must be lived. So tell your sons and your son’s sons how it is done.

Just like this:

4 thoughts on “Exposing Scientology: How To Do It Right”


    I came across this in a comment while browsing Mike’s blog. It’s referring to the hbo doc.

    “If only the remaining faithful could see this, enough doubt would be placed that many of them would leave.”

    John certainly gave those two a good dose of doubt, but he was never threatening to them which was nice.

  2. Hilarious. A laugh a minute. No commissions for them that day. I never had to go out and sell anything scio related, but I vaguely recall having to bring in at least one public person to an intro or something in order to graduate from some kind of course I took.

    They both seemed like nice people. I was certainly in their shoes when I was in.

    The clip also puts me at something I have been thinking on which is the abuse within scio. Abuse overcomes programming. The light abuse John gave those folks would not penetrate their programming. They probably just brushed it off. So the level of abuse must exceed the level of programming to be effective. If  cob didn’t throw Marty in the hole, he might still be working his intelligent butt off for cos.

    There are counters to my viewpoint, but for now my opinion is the abuse to people within scio organizations is a good thing since perpetuates people waking up and getting out of the cult.








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