Did Leah Remini Just Try to Use Her Attorney to Intimidate Irish Activist Fiona O’Leary Into Silence?

fiona o'leary leah reminiFiona O’Leary has some very choice words for Leah Remini:

AlanzosBlog has written about Fiona O’Leary, the powerful Irish Activist and the important work she is doing in Ireland before.

It looks like Leah Remini (with an estimated net worth of over $20 million dollars, per Google) might be a bit of an Anti-Vaxxer? Or at least her friend Holly Robinson Peete is? Don’t really know at this point, but at least we do know that Millionaire Leah seems to like to shoot from the hip using her attorneys on working-class mothers from Ireland.

Fiona O’Leary is a very hard-working mother and activist in the area of autism. And you’ll see in this video, she does not like the threats she’s received from Millionaire Leah to be quiet.

Fiona explains the situation very clearly, so we’ll let her tell you about it:

Partial transcript of Fiona O’Leary’s Message to Leah Remini in this video:

“I can tell you something Leah: if you’re watching – and I have no problem talking to you – you could have called me and we could have talked about this. But you need to understand one thing here and you need to really listen to me – the products and the treatments that your friends are promoting and endorsing are hurting and killing children.’

“The anti-vaccine rhetoric that they’re spewing is maiming and killing children. And if you are okay with that do not come out there and reach out to real activists that are trying to protect autistic children, saying you are against Scientology, calling autism a myth, whilst standing by your friends who give these dangerous unproven treatments to their autistic children that Scientology endorse.’

“That makes you a hypocrite. You are a hypocrite. And when you’re challenged politely you block people just like Scientology would do, you know, when they’re challenged with sites and facts. And you won’t address it.”

“I have all your messages earlier that you sent to me and I have this call that we had last night and I told you I recorded you. And I’ve not broken the law so please educate yourself, okay, there is no laws broken here. And I will show that call unless you take your flying monkeys off my back and get your lawyer to stop harassing me. He upset my autistic children today. They could hear him, you know, threatening their mother okay? So maybe tell David to back off because I have a lawyer – just to let you know – that I have a solicitor. And if you upset my children or threaten my family I can come after you and I have nothing to give you. I think you’ve got plenty money already. my dear.”

“And the fact that you can’t answer simple questions and you go out there proclaiming that you are against Scientology whilst, you know, supporting your best friend who endorses the very quack treatments that Scientology give to autistic children… you should be ashamed of yourself. And that’s what this is really about, it’s a fact that I have called out your friends on this and you can’t handle it.”

“You’re friends with Jenny McCarthy and people that hurt autistic kids, that have been hurting autistic children for twenty years, and more. That are penning books, that are going on talk shows telling parents not to vaccinate their children. Ad if you’re silent on that, if you think that’s okay – which you obviously do because you haven’t said that it’s not okay – and when you’re challenged on something like that you run away and you block me.

And you come out or come after mothers who are really truly trying to stop this abuse of autistic children and threaten them with your big lawyers from ell pathetic. It’s exactly like what a Scientologists would do. So don’t go out there trying to rally a mob against me because I can see it starting. Because the truth will out and your friends are quacks. Dangerous quacks that are hurting autistic children.”

“And Holly Robinson Peete, if you’re watching this, you are someone that is going to be exposed in the very near future. I’m going to be writing a blog about you. I just didn’t have a chance to do that yet, and I have all the information that I need to show the public what you’re doing and what you did to your autistic son. The language you use in the author’s entrenches you know all “he’s trapped in the wall I’m going to kick the wall down I want to eradicate autism!”

“Why don’t you eradicate your ignorance woman? You know why don’t you do that? And eradicate your anti-vaccine crap that is maiming and hurting children because when you go on a Larry King talk show or some big fancy platform and say “oh I think that seems that a trigger for autism” you’re hurting children.”

“There was a baby here in Arden that died of whooping cough recently because her parents were afraid to vaccinate the child. Because of your kind of you know recklessness information, there is a reality babies are suffering. There is no science to prove that vaccines cause autism, and your sources are quacks. Jerry Carson all these quacks, Wakefield. These people are obviously not educated.”

That’s the reality here. These celebrities that come out there and their talk shows you know they go on Dr. Google and they think they’re like warrior mums. They don’t even know what they’re talking about, you know. They’re dangerous and people are listening to them.

“So Leah when you came to me – which you did, I didn’t come to you – you know what were your real motives? Because I don’t think they were genuine. You wanted me to talk about the abuses of Scientology against autistic people. But you want me to cover up the vaccine thing, and the quack treatments that your friends are endorsing. That’s the real truth here.”

“Don’t threaten me with lawyers. Don’t threaten me with legal action because I’m not afraid of you and I will fight any more threats.”

“I have a lawyer and I’m not going to take crap from you so my advice to you is to try and go read a book, maybe a lot of books, about science. And talk to people who know what they’re talking about like Paul Offit or people that are able to educate you on what autism is, and vaccines and all of these issues. Or talk to the autistic community. Talk to me. I tried to talk to you – there’s other activists out there don’t shut us out.”

Apparently, this legal threat from Leah Remini came after Fiona published the following video on youtube titled “Important Update For The Attention Of Leah Remini And Holly Robinson Peete” So it appears that Leah Remini was trying to shudder Fiona O’Leary into silence??? Again we don’t know.

But it sure looks like it.

Here’s Fiona’s first video:

Wow. We’ll give you more on this as the situation develops.

2 thoughts on “Did Leah Remini Just Try to Use Her Attorney to Intimidate Irish Activist Fiona O’Leary Into Silence?”

  1. Fiona tends to be irrational. I had a few exchanges with her. More than enough. If she’s involved in any she said/she said situation, her depiction of events will generally be faulty.

    • If she engages in any “This is the science on autism and its proper understanding”, her depiction – from my limited understanding – seems to be right.

      What do you think about that angle, Claire?


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