Aaron Smith Levin Almost Recruits Jordan Peterson Into Scientology

Aaron Smith Levin’s interview with Jordan Peterson is one of the best interviews on the subject of Scientology that I have ever seen.

Aaron’s ability to articulate the beliefs and structure of Scientology in the little time he had is nothing short of brilliant. And Jordan Peterson’s deep knowledge of the history of psychology – including the use of an Emeter in psychology since the 1920’s – elevates this interview above the standard SCIENTOLOGY=CULT=BAD discourse we are constantly having to stomach.

Aaron ditched the anticult bias and presented Scientology objectively.

And Jordan Peterson also treated it objectively.

The result of this was Jordan Peterson having to “give the Devil (L Ron Hubbard) his due” so many times I thought Aaron was going to route him onto his Comm Course right there.

It is so rare to see Scientology treated honestly and objectively. Way to go, Aaron.

Watch this interview:

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