Cults in 2018

Think of all the different minority religions that exist. Think of how different their belief systems are, where they came from in philosophy and their various religious traditions, and from across the world. Do you think of them as all one?

Could your thinking about minority religions be filled with cult stereotypes?

Is it really ‘mind control’ that causes a person to join and stay in a ‘cult’, or is it a conscious individual decision every day?

How powerful is this ‘mind control’ any way? It sounds bad, like the term “black magic”. But have you critically examined this term “mind control’, and like ‘black magic’, whether it really even exists?

Why do believers in mind control so easily switch the term with “brainwashing’, ‘hypnosis’, and other terms? Isn’t that an indication that it’s a very nebulous thing? You wouldn’t blithely switch terms such as “infra red” and “ultra violet”, right? That’s because those are exact, measurable frequencies of light, that are proven to exist. And we know the difference between them.

Why do believers in mind control not use the same intellectual exactitude? Is it because they can’t?

Why not? If ‘mind control’ really exists, then it should be able to be pinpointed as it exists, right?

What studies have been done to prove the effect and POWER of mind control? What positive evidence exists to support the existence of mind control? Do believers in ‘mind control’ even want to find out, lest your worldview crash on you again after Scientology?

I think it’s time to start asking questions about this whole idea of ‘cults’ in 2018. There are so many unexamined assumptions that have been given for you to accept, and that so many people are operating on, after Scientology.

Just because it’s ‘cool’ to hate cults right now – does that really mean it’s valid?

Is thinking in cult stereotypes really what you want to do?