Rest assured, every one of the “experts” scientology touts is paid. Massimo Introvigne of CESNUR., Gordon Melton, Brian Wilson and many, many others. I know, I did the original program to find “religious experts” who would write “expertises” on the subject of scientology. Every single one of them was paid for their “work,” though that fact was not made public.’

“Scientology’s experts are all wonderful people with college degrees who wear suits and write scholarly books — but they take scientology’s side in any argument. Because they are paid by scientology.”

In 11 years of watching him, I’ve never seen Mike Rinder admit this before.

It opens up a whole bunch of questions which Mike Rinder will never answer. Why? Because keeping those questions unanswered maintains his much-needed anti-science slur of all of social science and academic research on religion.

Like many anti-vaxers we see on social media who cite one scientist who was paid by a pharmaceutical company who sells vaccines, Rinder here is naming 3 guys who he says he paid for their “work”.

And just like anti-vaxers who use their one example to slur ALL SCIENTISTS, Rinder here is using these three people to slur every social scientist or religious expert who writes something about minority religions that might question his [present] anticultist narrative about Scientology.

So these questions need to be asked:

What were they paid, Mike? Was their airfare and hotels paid to appear at conferences, just like the Ex-Scientologist’s airfare and hotels were paid to appear on Scientology and the Aftermath?

In one case, you say because it was only airfare and hotels, those Exes on your show were not paid.

But in the case of religious scholars who wrote something you agreed with (at the time) about Scientology, you now say they were paid?

Were the Exes who appeared on your show paid or not? And if they were paid, does that make what they said on your show false?

How are the rest of us supposed to believe this double standard for your definition of who is paid and who is not paid, and how this determines the truth of what they say?

And so, which social scientists were paid by you, exactly?

Was Eileen Barker paid by the Church of Scientology, Mike?

Was Laurence R. Iannaccone of George Mason University?

Was James Richardson, Lewis Coser, Rebecca Moore, Hugh Urban, David Bromley, Stuart Wright, Dick Anthony and dozens of other scholars and experts who wrote things that you now don’t like paid by you too back in the day?

What did you pay them for, exactly, Mike?

How much?

Mike Rinder didn’t like debate and disagreement when he was the psychopathic head of OSA for 22 years for David Miscavige, and it’s no surprise that he doesn’t like it now. Then, as now, he used glittering generalizations to insult and discredit whole classes of social scientists and suggest “they’re all paid” if what they wrote about disagreed with what he wanted written about.

Back when he was head of OSA, anyone who disagreed with Scientology was being paid by Big Pharma – remember?

Now – if they wrote something he doesn’t want to you think about – they’re all being paid by Scientology.

See this problem with Mike Rinder?

Scratch the surface just a little bit, and you can see the career-long lying and manipulation he has engaged in.

It’s hilarious to see how many people Rinder has conned into believing that a guy who ran OSA for 22 years has just magically been cured of his sociopathy, simply because he is now telling you lies that you agree with.

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March 19, 2021 4:18 pm

Hello, I have been a Scientologist for many decades. Just very recently, I started watching Youtubes of various exScientologists. One of the first I came across was Mike RInder’s interview

That was the beginning of a day and night binging of all things Scientology. Luckily, Messiah or Madman was on online to be read. I am left convinced Hubbard was sadistic conman. I honestly have to acknowledge Mike Rinder for starting me down the rabbit hole.

He was raised in the cult and joined the SO at 18 years old. He was indoctrinated by Hubbard’s hypnotic madness. For him to pull himself out of the wreckage and now helping other people is admirable.

He has apologized. Do you not think a man is incapable of changing? That man in the video does not look like a sociopath nor criminal to me.

August 30, 2020 8:30 pm

Just out of curiosity, do you really believe Mike Rinder is a true sociopath (possessing the clinical traits) or that he was brainwashed and did some awful things because of it? Do you think the Stanford prison experiment had any validity or provided any insight?