A History of Scientology Criticism: Who is Jesse Prince?

jesse prince scientologyThis post was first written in 2012.

Jesse Prince is a big reason that I started this series on my blog called “A History of Scientology Criticism.”

This series came as a result of seeing so many Scientologists leaving the Church of Scientology recently, as they became aware of Miscavige’s physical abuse, and landing over on Marty Rathbun’s blog. There was a certain characteristic in the messaging and the mindset being promoted there: no one had ever spoke out against the Church before Marty and Mike did, and if they did, they were either low-level SPs, who did not belong in the Church anyway, or were paid by the “psychs” and pharmaceutical companies to promote anti-Scientology propaganda.

In fact, Marty and Mike actually promoted this “anti-critic” line on their blog for the first year or so of their leaving and speaking out. As more and more Scientologist avail themselves of the freedom from the Information Control of the Church, they are having a hard time continuing to get that message swallowed.

Jesse Prince is a shining example of a high-level RTC Executive who left the Church in the late 1990’s and went through hell for the sole purpose of getting the truth out to people so they could be warned of the dangers of Scientology. Marty and Mike have admitted that it was their practice, along with Miscavige, to bring former Church execs who left and spoke out to the very edge of ruin and – even death if they could swing it. And then, if the former Scientologist was still left standing, they would offer them money for their silence. This was done with David Mayo and many other high-level church defectors in the past.

Jesse Prince was a former RTC Executive who went all the way to the edge, took whatever they dished out to him, looked over, turned around to Marty and Mike and Miscavige, and told them to shove their money. And has never stopped warning the public about Scientology abuse.

Jesse Prince has produced a mountain of extremely valuable data for Scientologists about the truth of their religion and its founder, as well as its current dictator, David Miscavige. Any Scientologist, or any person in danger of becoming one, would benefit greatly from reading and watching what Jesse Prince has produced.

So I will provide all the links that I can for you to start informing yourself about the truth of Scientology, its founder L Ron Hubbard, and its present Tiny Tyrant, Davey Miscavige.

So be sure to keep scrolling.

Update: Jesse Has a New Book titled EXPERT WITNESS: My Life at the Top of Scientology