ESMBR’s HelluvaHoax! His Words! His Precious WORDS!!!

I’m laughing hysterically at a recent attempt by the Admin of the new ESMB, Pirate & Bum, to ever so gingerly suggest to the Number 1 Asshole on ESMB, HelluvaHoax!, that when he ‘trains his guns’ on a member of the board it can be “a bit much”.

esmbr pirate & bum post

Ya think? How about outright and cruel cyber-bullying on all dissenting opinions on a daily basis?

In the past, since around 2011 or so, Karen de la Carriere and HelluvaHoax! paid almost all the server bills to host ESMB. That was about $200 per month, or a little over $2000 per year. And then there were Karen’s “generous blessings” that the previous admin received over the years.


“Karen – no! I can’t accept this!”

“It’s okay. I’m rich. Go buy your daughter something nice.”


So one has to wonder, if Pirate&Bum applied the rules of ESMBR to HelluvaHoax! and some of the other vicious cyber-bullies there – would he lose needed funding to keep the board up?

Why do I care about this?

Because ESMB, since around 2011, has been a Snow Suzy Property where all dissent and disagreement with Marty, Mike & Karen has been smashed, and all those who disagreed were banned and discredited – sometimes discredited for years.

It’s also been a place to launch & coordinate attacks against other Ex-Scientologists for Karen and Jeffrey Augustine’s Information Control and Character Assassination Network (including ironically, attacking in later years, Marty Rathbun and his wife Monique).

I’d like to see a different environment emerge for Exes to discuss Scientology online – an environment where an Ex-Scientologist can actually speak their own mind and not be targeted for destruction and fair game. I’d like to see an environment where sincere but unpopular opinions are protected from cyber-bullying, discrediting, and fair game for all Ex-Scientologists.

We’ve started to gain a foothold against the Snow Suzy Properties that have dominated the last decade of the discussion of Scientology on the Internet, and I’d like to see this foothold expand.

I wish I had an online art business where no one knows who is buying up all those precious paintings, but I don’t. If I did, I’d pay your server fees for you, P&B. Because I know you agree with me about HelluvaHoax!‘s cyber-bullying, and the sorry state of online discussions of Scientology these days.

But – good try at reigning in HelluvaHoax’s

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