Karen Pressley Realizes The Outer Banks Is Karen De La Carriere’s Cultic Group

Another insightful exposure of Celebrity Anti-Scientology by Corey Andrews:

When I decided to reach out to Karen Pressley and confide in her about what Karen De La Carriere wanted me to do, Pressley confirmed and validated that something was horribly amiss here.

Although Pressley doesn’t like Marty Rathbun, she agrees with him that anti-Scientology operates just like a cult.

Suspicious Of Karen De La Carriere

11/4/2019 –

Corey Andrews 8:24 PM: I’ve been having a lot of back and forth chatter with Mike Rinder and I really need to ask you some questions when u get the chance to talk to me

Corey Andrews 8:29 PM: I need you to help me understand something.

Karen Pressley 8:54 PM: Tell me

Corey Andrews 9:03 PM: KDLC was trying to set me up I think. I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous, so I need to know what your thoughts are on this. Im going to show you part of my email conversation with Mike

Corey Andrews 9:04 PM: Remember I told you how I planned on creating a video series on the NW Orders?

Karen Pressley 9:04 PM: Yes

Corey Andrews 9:05 PM: This was all inspired by KDLC. She gave me those NW Orders

Corey Andrews 9:05 PM: Now let me show u some of the email to put things into context for u

Karen Pressley 9:05 PM: She used to be osa

Emailing Mike Rinder About The OSA Network Orders

Corey Andrews 9:05 PM: Hi Corey, Thanks for writing. The first question I have to ask is what OSA NW Orders are you planning to base this on? There is a series on the internet that are NOT the real OSA NW Orders… The information they contain is valid, but that pack is not official OSA NW Orders. So, that is the first thing you have to know.

Corey Andrews 9:06 PM: This is my response:

Corey Andrews 9:06 PM: Hey Mike, Regarding the OSA NW Orders, I was speaking with Karen De La Carriere and she told me that “a very very senior executive was asked by David Miscavige himself to put together all of the Guardian Office Orders and anything else that could be the reference for the way OSA operates. So while he was compiling this, he blew.” He was worried that he would be sued because when he fled with his laptop, the data that he had gotten while he was working for them belongs to them. Proprietary data. His name is Scott Gordon. I know you know of him because he goes after you, Leah, Tony, Karen, etc. He’s a lunatic. For example, he thinks Karen DLC is part of Deep State Intelligence, CIA and all that mumbo jumbo.

Corey Andrews 9:06 PM: He responds with:

Mike Rinder On An “Amends Project” For David Miscavige

Corey Andrews 9:07 PM: Hi Corey, Thanks. To clarify, this statement is generally correct: “a very very senior executive was asked by David Miscavige himself to put together all of the Guardian Office Orders and anything else that could be the reference for the way OSA operates. So while he was compiling this, he blew.” That person was me. I was NOT asked by David Miscavige to compile these issues. I did it on my own origination as an “amends project” but they were never submitted or approved. Foolishly, I gave copies of these to Marty Rathbun and Dan Koon. Dan then gave them to others and they ended up on the internet. Scott Gordon is a loony tune who had nothing to do with these issues and knows nothing about them. The difficulty is there is no available copy of the complete ACTUAL OSA NW Orders. These ones were never authorized. Though I can personally attest that the information they contain is accurate and verified. I took them from Hubbard writings and lectures. But they are NOT published materials so scientology has considerable intellectual property rights on them. Far more than usual copyright protection. Unpublished works that are then published are considered pretty much a slam dunk violation of the law. So, you have never seen me publish them on the internet. This is the back story for you.

Corey Andrews 9:07 PM: KDLC told me that if I posted the NW Orders but don’t link them, I could appear as “educated” and “like Corey knows his shit.” WORD FOR WORD she said that to me.

Corey Andrews 9:07 PM: She told me to release them piece by piece

Corey Andrews 9:07 PM: but never include a LINK to them

Corey Andrews 9:09 PM: She gave me a whole bullshit story about Scott Gordon but it was MIKE RINDER that blew with those NW Orders!

Mike Rinder Says Publishing Unpublished Works Is A Slam Dunk Violation Of The Law

Corey Andrews 9:10 PM: “Unpublished works that are then published are considered pretty much a slam dunk violation of the law. ” !!

Corey Andrews 9:10 PM: I was going to make a VIDEO SERIES around it!

Corey Andrews 9:10 PM: That would’ve landed me in REAL legal trouble, in which I would’ve PAYED, for REAL.

Corey Andrews 9:15 PM: I don’t understand why she would give me them. She should know all of this.

Corey Andrews 9:17 PM: Hi Mike, Thank you for clarifying those details about who really leaked the Network Orders. I’m not sure why Karen DLC would tell me that Scott Gordon was behind it all, but I’m glad that I have the facts straight now. She had brought them to my attention and told me that this is “The OSA’s BIBLE” and gave me a whole backstory behind it which I outlined in my last email. Told me that I could also give the link to journalists if I was asked, but I cannot post it. Is she unaware of the things you’ve told me? Perhaps that needs to be cleared up with her.

Corey Andrews 9:18 PM: and he replied saying he sent something to her to make sure she has the correct information….

Corey Andrews 9:18 PM: just today

Corey Andrews 9:19 PM: I haven’t heard anything from her

Corey Andrews 9:19 PM: I really hope this is a case of her just having her details mixed up and being unaware of things, instead of a setup of sorts. I don’t see what could possibly be gained by getting me into trouble

Karen Pressley 9:48 PM: Difficult. Let me digest.

Corey Andrews 9:49 PM: I understand. I realized this and didn’t expect an immediate response. Take your time

Corey Andrews 9:52 PM: This is KDLC told me that if I posted the content of the NW Orders but don’t post the ACTUAL LINK, I could appear as “educated” and “like Corey knows his shit.”

Corey Andrews 9:52 PM: what KDLC told me*

Corey Andrews 9:52 PM: I found it to be quite condescending to be honest with u because I felt as if I already appear as educated.

Karen Pressley Believes Something Very Wrong With This Picture

Karen Pressley 10:03 PM: There is something very wrong with this picture. K presented herself as if she was in the know on the OSA orders. She was married to the president of OSA but that was many years ago. And she was in OSA for awhile. I believe she knew far less than what she presented herself to you. Mike Rinder has been THE top OSA guy for decades. And he worked right under Miscavige and Rathbun for years as a right hand man. More than a decade. KDLC was not part of that echelon or inner circle to my knowledge. I would trust what Rinder is telling you about OSA and the orders. I am doubtful of what K is saying to you about them. I have no idea of her motive for presenting them to you in the way she did. But I would believe Mike.

Corey Answers 10:04 PM: Of course I believe Mike no doubt

Corey Andrews 10:04 PM: I doubt K 100% too

Corey Andrews 10:05 PM: But that quote in the email is her EXACT wording

Corey Andrews 10:05 PM: and that was a phone call.

Corey Andrews 10:05 PM: she sat on the phone for a good half hour talking to me about those NW Orders and how Scott Gordon is behind them

Corey Andrews 10:05 PM: NO MENTION of Mike

Corey Andrews 10:05 PM: And then she says that I will appear as “educated” “like Corey KNOWS HIS SHIT”

Corey Andrews 10:06 PM: she said that.

Corey Andrews 10:06 PM: it wouldn’t be smart at all to make VIDEOS about those NW Orders knowing what Mike Rinder told me in that email

Karen Pressley 10:06 PM: ??? Trying to make you look a certain way…I don’t get it. Like trying to manufacture a platform for you? What was the point?

Corey Andrews 10:07 PM: So what I need to figure out is why the hell KDLC would try to get me pushing this information out there when it would get me into legal trouble

Corey Andrews 10:08 PM: Karen, the point has ALWAYS been to help. Ive always let her know that. Ive said things along the lines of “I don’t care if I get Fair Gamed”, so maybe she took that to actual heart

Corey Andrews 10:08 PM: im confused about the whole ordeal

Karen Pressley 10:08 PM: I don’t like it, doesn’t feel clean. Feels manipulative…

Corey Andrews 10:09 PM: and KDLC is very distant

Corey Andrews 10:09 PM: idk why the hell she doesn’t reach out to me after getting the info from Mike

Corey Andrews 10:10 PM: I felt like messaging her and saying “hey did you see the email from Mike yet about the NW Orders?” or something along those lines

Corey Andrews 10:10 PM: but I didn’t

Pressley Suggests Confronting Karen De La Carriere

Karen Pressley 10:11 PM: I think you should confront her with this. She has a very deep need to receive approval from Mike Rinder. You should let her know that Mike gave you the actual background of these orders, and ask her why she would present it to you the way she did.

Corey Andrews 10:11 PM: Holy shit my heart is sinking in my chest just thinking about confronting her

Corey Andrews 10:12 PM: That’s pretty damn bold lol

Karen Pressley 10:12 PM: Feels like a troublemaker is in the works here. Yuck.

Corey Andrews 10:13 PM: But what I must figure out is what could she possibly have to gain from all of this?

Corey Andrews 10:14 PM: ALL of my senses are telling me something is up

Corey Andrews 10:14 PM: I think she is a master manipulator

Karen Pressley 10:14 PM: Yes

Karen Pressley 10:14 PM: She seeks to control a power game

Corey Andrews 10:15 PM: she has an agenda of her own, and I haven’t even the faintest clue of what she hopes to gain from it

Karen Pressley 10:15 PM: Something very awry here

Corey Andrews 10:16 PM: there was a time where I told her that she was the only one I trusted on here, and it was true when I said it. it was a long time ago before her behavior starting shifting

Corey Andrews 10:17 PM: I think that when certain people think they have that kind of influence over someone, “trust”…

Corey Andrews 10:17 PM: I just need to be more careful of how I give out my trust

Corey Andrews 10:18 PM: Jennifer was freaking out earlier

Corey Andrews 10:18 PM: I told her about it and how I was literally 2 steps away from making these unpublished works into PUBLISHED works

Corey Andrews 10:19 PM: KDLC isn’t in control of communication though!!! I bet she NEVER would’ve guessed i’d email Mike and tell him everything

Corey Andrews 10:19 PM: I ran it ALL by him

Corey Andrews 10:20 PM: he was probably scratching his head reading my email thinking “what the hell..”

Karen Pressley 10:21 PM: No she never would have expected you to do that. The fact that you did shows who you are, your character, to confirm the information.

Karen Pressley 10:23 PM: It also shows that you are not a puppet of hers like she might have thought you were. It’s a bit scary to imagine what she thought would be accomplished through you by that. I don’t like it.

Corey Andrews 10:23 PM: It’s scary.

Corey Andrews 10:25 PM: Im going to sleep on all this and we can carry on with this convo tomorrow perhaps?

Corey Andrews 10:27 PM: You know, funny thing about me, I don’t hold grudges. I was so upset when KDLC threw me under the bus in those instances I talked with u about prior to this one, but I kept on business and usual, I was posting her videos and retweeting her tweets as usual

Corey Andrews 10:27 PM: Made a lot of good tweets for both her and you these past few days

Corey Andrews 10:27 PM: I really just want to support everyone that is doing a good job exposing the cult

Corey Andrews 10:28 PM: So I think it’s pretty amazing the kind of treatment ive gotten from KDLC.

Karen Pressley 10:31 PM: This is Very troubling and it brings up memories of incidents I’ve not shared with you…To be continued tomorrow…

Corey Andrews 10:31 PM: Yes, tomorrow. Have a goodnight, ttyl.

A Part Of Karen De La Carriere’s Mob

11/5/2019 – The next day:

Corey Andrews 9:09 AM: I want to share with you something else from awhile back

Corey Andrews 9:10 AM: I think I made a mistake

Corey Andrews 9:10 AM: Do you know Ginger Sugarman?

Corey Andrews 9:13 AM: There was a woman on OB awhile back named Arielle Sarai, and she was a friend of Ginger. Anyways DLC was instructing me and I wasn’t thinking for myself at this point, I had literally just signed up for FB darn near, and I was new to Moderating

Corey Andrews 9:13 AM: This is what she wrote to me

Corey Andrews 9:14 AM: Arielle:

Corey Andrews 9:14 AM: Corey, you will get nothing but snide remarks from me, in light of your behaviour. You joined the club a few months ago, having watched Leah’s show. You don’t know any of the people you’re passing judgement on. And yet you dare to use words such as “treachery” in relation to Ginger? You can ask Karen – I don’t even want to be in the Outer Banks. I quit a while ago, but she asked Tony (my husband) to ask me to rejoin. But I will not be quiet when something is incredibly unkind and morally questionable is being posted about a victim of domestic violence, whom I know personally, and a cyber lynch mob is invited to pile on. You are part of the mob, and you don’t even have a dog in the fight. You are just a fanboy of the show. Also, I’ve known Karen for enough years (nearly a decade now) to know that she doesn’t turn off the comments herself. She likes to play being the good cop, and asks others in the mods private chat to be her bad cop. Right now that bad cop is you. So your pride about your “achievement” about the most active mod is a bit misplaced. Also, ask yourself if you actually moderate anything, or you just pile on and express unkind opinions as long as they are in line with what Karen is saying. Being a mod on the OB is not exactly a well desired job. Just about everybody, including myself, rejected it in the past. So just chill it. It’s between me and Karen and she know where to find me, and she always does. I posted ONE comment about Ginger, after which you turned off the comments. ONE! And my comment did not call her a grifter, or low-life, or a traitor. You and your mob did

Corey Andrews 9:16 AM: basically I shut down comments for her thread and I private messaged her telling her that she needs to stop with her crusade for Ginger, and that was her response. I was DLC’s puppet in this situation, and I lied to Arielle and told her I was acting on my own accord and not for DLC

Corey Andrews 9:17 AM: knowing what I know now, I feel really bad for not communicating more with ppl in the beginning.

Corey Andrews 9:17 AM: and I almost made that same mistake with you

Corey Andrews 9:18 AM: back when we first communicated and I almost shut you down

Corey Andrews 9:27 AM: I remember when you first signed up for twitter and I was excited about it because I felt like I had contributed to you wanting to get on it. DLC and I were chatting on the phone and I was telling her how I think its really cool that ur on twitter now and exclaiming how we have another critic to help assist in twitter affairs, and she began saying something negative I cant recall what it was, but I stopped her cuz I noticed as we were talking u retweeted something of hers, and I said “hey look she just retweeted something of yours!” I said it very positively, and she responds ..yeahhh…. and quickly stopped what she was saying and changed the subject LOL

Corey Andrews 9:31 AM: im a TEAM player, im not on Team Corey or Team Karen

Muddy Waters In The Scientology Critic Community

Karen Pressley 9:38 AM: I’ve read all this and my heart is heavy.
There are a lot of muddy waters in our critic community and you are finding your way thru it. I have traveled a similar path and have been heartbroken and shocked by what I found. This is why I have almost left FB in the critic community. Many emotionally and psychologically injured people here, who you want to believe in, be accepted by, and be friends with. You want to believe critics are like minded, have helpful motives, and similar purposes.
It’s heartbreaking to discover otherwise. That’s also why I almost shut down SWOT last summer…I realized I could believe and trust very few people 😢

Corey Andrews 9:39 AM: We can’t let our light die down though. We have to remain a positive force in all of this

Corey Andrews 9:40 AM: if there are very few trustworthy people out there, doesn’t that mean we should stand as a beacon of sorts? I don’t want to allow KDLC to control information if she has an agenda of her own. To step to the side is to let these people win their power games, and I don’t like it. This is the kind of manipulation we’re supposed to be fighting and exposing

The Goal Of A Narcissistic Scientologist – Karen De La Carriere’s Operation Based In Scientology

Karen Pressley 9:49 AM: When I first got into FB and discovered OB, I thought I found the most awesome community. I was amazed by how many people KDLC and that team had amassed to create a community, which helped to fill the hole that I had after leaving the Sea Org. Years went by until I finally realized that OB for KDLC was HER community where she controlled the membership, the commentary, the rules, the mindset, the narrative. If you vary from it you get reprimanded or blocked and then criticized. If you align with the group think, you receive unconditional support, guidance, praise, and promotion to outside media to become more well known. Things are done for you with strings attached. This is what happened to me. I finally realized that this had become kdlc’s cultic Group. She had created this into. Community to fill the home left in her life after she left the Sea Org. Her operation is all based in Scientology. I’m sorry to say all this. But she’s got her own agenda. My friend in LA who cautioned me two years ago told me all this but I did t believe it until I had gone thru it and saw it to be true. My friend told me k even told her that her goal was to have the largest network of sites with the greatest number of hits, video plays, views, likes, etc. she wanted to control the narrative over all of this. At first I thought, what’s wrong with that as long as she’s exposing the cult. But for her it’s far more than that. It’s about personal power and control. THAT is the goal Of a narcissistic scientologist.

Corey Andrews 9:51 AM: You confirmed everything I think

Corey Andrews 9:51 AM: I really needed that.

Corey Andrews 9:51 AM: That’s exactly how I feel and think about it all

Corey Andrews 9:52 AM: I was amazed too

Corey Andrews 9:52 AM: I caught on to things a lot faster though.

Corey Andrews 9:53 AM: I think maybe she is slipping and not as good at her game perhaps.

Corey Andrews 9:53 AM: because she severely underestimated me

Corey Andrews 9:53 AM: and what ive gone through in my youth

Karen Pressley Afraid of Karen De La Carriere

Karen Pressley 9:53 AM: I was afraid to break away from her because I know how she operates and that she could damage my reputation if I wasn’t under her thumb. I tried to quietly break away. But that didn’t work because I took her off as a moderator and that blew up, tried to resolve some things with her, but it will never resolve because of her narcissism. She will always be in a battle with me to some Degree but because I’m known to a lot of people she has to tread carefully.

Corey Andrews 9:54 AM: yes, when u took her off moderator and then made me a mod, she immediately took notice and said something that really intimidated me

Corey Andrews 9:54 AM: id have to find the chat

Corey Andrews 9:54 AM: I was sweating bullets lmao

Corey Andrews 9:55 AM: she said something along the lines of “hmm.. so she takes me off of Mod and then makes you a Mod… interesting… how do you think this makes me feel”

Karen De La Carriere Controlling A Lot Of Strings In Scientology & The Aftermath Critic Community

Karen Pressley 9:55 AM: However I know she’s created some damage already. For example, I think k had something to do with why I wasn’t invited to come back on the show for that final episode when so many others flew out there to do it. K has long been a go-to person for leah and Mike to help coordinate people coming in the show and also for doing media. It’s rather “ political” in the critic community and she controls a lot of strings.

Corey Andrews 9:56 AM: Oh no 😞wtf

Corey Andrews 9:56 AM: that’s not cool at all

Corey Andrews 9:56 AM: im really sad actually that shes like this

Karen Pressley 9:57 AM: She has never stopped being a scientologist, it’s embedded in her mindset.

Karen Pressley 9:57 AM: Control, power and manipulation, it’s what Scientologists are taught.

Corey Andrews 9:58 AM: I want your platform to grow because I feel like u have the ability to speak from your heart

Corey Andrews 9:58 AM: and I want to see more of it

Corey Andrews 9:58 AM: and that’s why I give u so many tweets

Corey Andrews 9:59 AM: I even privately messaged Mike on my own and tried getting him to like/interact with that post I made about encouraging my followers to follow u

Corey Andrews 9:59 AM: lol

Corey Andrews 9:59 AM: I said to him that u deserve a larger audience! lol

Corey Andrews 9:59 AM: im not doing this for anything I really just like you as a critic/person and in all of our interactions you’ve been nothing but helpful and kind to me

Karen Pressley 10:00 AM: Thanks Corey

Karen Pressley 10:00 AM: What did mike say

Corey Andrews 10:00 AM: yeah don’t mention it 1f642

Corey Andrews 10:00 AM: he didn’t reply yet

Corey Andrews 10:00 AM: I msged him through twitter, perhaps that’s why he overlooked it

Corey Andrews 10:01 AM: he rarely replies to FB or twitter msgs sadly

Corey Andrews 10:01 AM: but our email convo spanned for quite awhile

Corey Andrews 10:01 AM: im definitely going to talk to him through email if I need any advice or gotta tell him anything in the future

Karen Pressley 10:02 AM: He wrote the forward to my book, and listed my book in his list on his blog. He and Christie invited me to their Christmas party when I still lived in Florida. I think we are fine but we don’t connect much other than that.

Corey Andrews 10:03 AM: I want to encourage more of those interactions over twitter, and I try to when I @ people. In those tweets I made of you and I quoted Mike, I @ed him so he would see it. I wish he would interact more with my tweets. I know hes busy so I think he just overlooks a lot

Karen De La Carriere Staged A Humanitarian Effort For Personal Gratification According To Karen Pressley’s Friend In LA

Karen Pressley 10:07 AM: My friend in LA told me 2 years ago that Mike “couldn’t stand” k and didn’t trust her, and I think it was because he discovered that she was behind some kind of issue when he learned that she was being fake about something. I’m going to ask my friend again to describe that to me. She had staged an event with a public figure that looked like a humanitarian effort but it was for personal gratification.

Corey Andrews 10:07 AM: Wow.

Corey Andrews 10:07 AM: Should I confide in Mike? I think I can trust him.

Corey Andrews 10:08 AM: Can I confide in him that I don’t trust KDLC anymore?

Corey Andrews 10:08 AM: and then tell him why

Karen Pressley 10:11 AM: You can confide in Mike and trust him…but he won’t necessarily give that back to you for quite some time. What I mean is, he’s a public figure, and will trust people warily and not until a long time of reasons to trust anyone. People are always trying to do him in and he is very sharp and cautious. Also he’s been a scientologist longer than he’s been out, and to that extent, is still recovering in his mindset.

Corey Andrews 10:12 AM: I hear you on that.

Corey Andrews 10:12 AM: I figured as much too

Corey Andrews 10:13 AM: I do want to hear more about that when u get info from your friend. The humanitarian effort for personal gratification

Corey Andrews 10:14 AM: you know, I don’t think people trust me because im so closely associated with KDLC now

Mike Rinder And A Select Group Planning An Organization Of Former Sea Org Members And Scientologists

Karen Pressley 10:17 AM: Did you know that he and a select group of people got together after they all escaped, to plan how to create an organization of former Sea Org members and Scientologists, and Mike would have been one of the leaders. Others included Marty Rathbun, Dan Koon, Steve Hall, Marc Headley, and quite a few others. I was not part of that at all because I wanted nothing to do with Scientology. In essence they were forming an independent Scientology organization. This was around 2008 or so. You are not ex Sea Org or an ex scientologist, so Mike will not embrace you to the extent you would like because you do not have that experience or knowledge in your world. Knowing about it is one thing. Having been there in it is. Different universe.

Karen Pressley 10:19 AM: Whether people trust you or embrace you has a lot to do with the fact that you’ve not been in the SO or in Scientology. It’s a truly different reality.

Corey Andrews 10:19 AM: This question might seem odd, but you’ll understand after I explain… Do you trust yourself?

Corey Andrews 10:20 AM: I imagine the answer is yes

Corey Andrews 10:20 AM: right?

Corey Andrews 10:21 AM: and I didn’t know any of that about Mike. I’m surprised

Karen Pressley 10:33 AM: I trust myself now, yes. For years after my escape, I was getting to know myself again so I didn’t know “who” I could trust. I was in such a state of change, assimilation back to myself without my cult personality. Most exes remain in that condition for many years unless they take radical measures to change.

Corey Andrews 10:34 AM: I didn’t trust myself before Jennifer.

Corey Andrews 10:34 AM: She really shaped me and helped me become a better man.

Corey Andrews 10:36 AM: I used to have panic attacks/massive anxiety

Corey Andrews 10:37 AM: but I have it all under control now.

Corey Andrews 10:37 AM: no meds

Karen Pressley 10:39 AM: What I shared with you about Mike…yes. It’s taking him years to evolve. He still uses some Scientology language. I believe his heart is in the right place and that’s why I defend him. But what I told you underlies why many critics and ex members don’t totally trust him. All exes are still evolving. I’m sure mike is still peeling away the layers of his life and mind, and coming to terms with the horrific things he did to people in osa. He’s dealt with it all along by saying “it was my job” but because he’s really a good person with a conscience, I’m sure he’s had to search his conscience about many things. I also know he’s sincere in his exposure of Scientology and will not be bought like Marty Rathbun was.

Corey Andrews 10:40 AM: You summed up my feelings about him as well. I’ve never been suspicious of him

Corey Andrews 10:40 AM: Well anyways, I wanted to say..

Corey Andrews 10:40 AM: I trust myself too, now.

Karen Pressley 10:41 AM: Trusting self is a very good thing. Quite an accomplishment after all you went thru. Ditto for myself. I fully trust myself now.

Karen De La Carriere’s Phone Call About The OSA Network Orders

Corey Andrews 10:42 AM: And.. out of all the times KarenDLC and I have talked over the phone, I recorded 1 conversation because I wanted to make sure I understood everything that was about to be discussed. Never would I record someone to infringe on privacy or to be deceptive or malicious, it was late at night and she wanted to chat about the NW Orders and I wanted to make sure I could go back and listen to it and have the facts/details EXACT.

Corey Andrews 10:42 AM: SO when I quoted KDLC in that email, that was an EXACT quote.

Corey Andrews 10:43 AM: I have her an audio recording trying to deceive me into publishing those unpublished works.

Corey Andrews 10:43 AM: on*

Corey Andrews 10:43 AM: so the evidence goes BEYOND just my word.

Corey Andrews 10:45 AM: I don’t believe in coincidences, and I think that when I recorded that conversation, GOD HIMSELF put me up to it. LOL

Karen Pressley 10:45 AM: Corey, Don’t be offended if people in the critic community make you feel like they are holding you at arms length. No matter how compassionate, trustworthy and helpful you are, nothing will change the fact that you are a never-in as far as Scientology goes. Former Sea Org members have a depth of camaraderie that no one outside can feel or understand because we were part of an eternal fraternal organization.

Corey Andrews 10:45 AM: That’s the ONLY ONE ive recorded.

Corey Andrews 10:46 AM: read up above

Corey Andrews 10:46 AM: isn’t that insane?

Karen Pressley 10:46 AM: Wow.

Corey Andrews 10:47 AM: it was late at night and I was exhausted Karen, barely awake

Corey Andrews 10:47 AM: and she wanted to have a conversation and Its tough to say no to her

Corey Andrews 10:48 AM: I figured I would record it for quality assurance, in my mind.

Karen De La Carriere And Me – A Relationship That Was Meant To Be

Karen Pressley 10:48 AM: I think it was meant to be that you had that relationship with KDLC. I feel that way about myself being at the Int base and working right under Miscavige. There was a reason that happened and then I escaped and exposed the truth.

Corey Andrews 10:48 AM: there is a reason behind everything I feel

Corey Andrews 10:48 AM: ive always believed that in my heart

Karen Pressley 10:51 AM: I have to go to work now. But before I do I am going to help Mark Plummer. He is in desperate need of help and money and I’ve never set up a go fund me page but I have to figure it out. I have to finish writing the info to get people to help him. He had a horrible car accident recently, totaled his car, has no money to buy one and his insurance can’t cover it. He is not working right now either. He has been a warrior critic for decades and deserves to be helped.

Karen Pressley 10:52 AM: If you’d like to help or have the time?

Corey Andrews 10:52 AM: How would I go about helping out?

Corey Andrews 10:52 AM: what do u need me to do?

Karen Pressley 10:53 AM: Maybe figure out how to set up the go fund me

Karen Pressley 10:53 AM: I am writing the info to put on the page

Corey Andrews 10:54 AM: im not very good with that kind of stuff. Does one need an account with the website?

Karen Pressley 10:54 AM: Then we have to put it on many groups so a lot of people see it to contribute

Karen Pressley 10:54 AM: Don’t know

Corey Andrews 10:55 AM: let me look at it holdon

Corey Andrews 10:55 AM: im gonna create an account and look into it

Corey Andrews 10:57 AM: don’t worry we’ll work on this one together 2764

Karen Pressley 10:57 AM: Thanks!! I’m checking with Mark to find out how the money would get to him

Karen Pressley 10:58 AM: I’ve never done this

Corey Andrews 10:58 AM: hmm… im wondering if he should be the one to make the account and post it

Corey Andrews 10:58 AM: let me research real quick

Corey Andrews 10:59 AM: To invite someone else to accept their donations, just select the “Withdraw” button on your dashboard and select the option for “Someone Else’ to withdraw.

Corey Andrews 11:00 AM: Unless everyone felt comfortable trusting me with this responsibility, I don’t think it’s necessarily right for me to jump the gun and make an account for it

Corey Andrews 11:00 AM: some ppl may think im scamming them

Corey Andrews 11:01 AM: because the money would all be going to me, and then id have to transfer/withdraw it and give it to Mark Plummer, so he would need an account anyways I think

Corey Andrews 11:01 AM: or you could make the account

Corey Andrews 11:03 AM: let me know how I can help, I don’t wanna overstep though.

Karen Pressley 11:17 AM: Yes I’m waiting to hear back from mark about his account. Thanks for being willing to help. Once it’s set up maybe you could help by posting this in various groups?

Corey Andrews 11:19 AM: Absolutely!

Corey Andrews 11:20 AM: proud to help

Corey Andrews 11:21 AM: should I post it in OB? lol

Corey Andrews 11:21 AM: i should just post it there anyways, I don’t care if I get reprimanded for it.

Corey Andrews 11:22 AM: idk

Karen Pressley 11:22 AM: Lol She told me she was against gofundme pages there when Cathy tried but then two weeks later she allowed one because it was for a veteran Sea Org member

Karen Pressley 11:22 AM: Let’s try and see what happens

Corey Andrews 11:22 AM: Precisely my thoughts 1f603

Corey Andrews 11:23 AM: lol I just got a notification on FB. “You’ve been recognized as one of Mike Rinder’s top fans. Get your badge now.” LOL

Corey Andrews 11:24 AM: that’s great

Corey Andrews 11:25 AM: that gave me a much needed laugh lol

Corey Andrews 11:25 AM: good timing

Karen Pressley 11:25 AM: Lol good timing

Corey Andrews 11:56 AM: I will post the link and everything on all the groups when u get it ready and together for me 1f642

Helping Karen Pressley With Mark Plummer’s GoFundMe Despite What Karen De La Carriere Thinks

Karen Pressley 3:50 PM: I’ve written the text for his go fund me page and am waiting for him to send me the link to his new account that he’s setting up. Once we create the page I’ll send you the link. Would surely appreciate your help posting it on different pages.

Corey Andrews 3:51 PM: of course. im available

Karen Pressley 3:51 PM: Mark told me that KDLC called him about 4-5 days ago and asked him for help with me to get things resolved. I feel bad that she feels she has to call Other people like that instead of me directly. I have to decide what to do.

Corey Andrews 3:52 PM: Resolved howso? What does that even mean?

Karen Pressley 3:52 PM: She told mark she thinks I’m still upset with her and talks about it wanting to know why, is what he told me.

Corey Andrews 3:53 PM: I don’t trust that at all. She’s the one with the problem. Not you.

Corey Andrews 3:53 PM: I know her, and I know how she has spoken about you to me

Corey Andrews 3:54 PM: Honestly I feel like she’s afraid of your PRESENCE in the critic community. Just you being there.

Corey Andrews 3:54 PM: She wants you under her control

Corey Andrews 3:55 PM: Its weird.

Corey Andrews 3:55 PM: I think she lost that feeling of having a foothold when u took her off Mod

Corey Andrews 3:56 PM: that was the last straw I think

Karen Pressley 3:58 PM: Yes I believe it eats away at her that I’m not under her control. And yes, being a mod or admin gave her a foothold that she has lost. It’s sad that this bothers her so much. She asked me to put her on as be a mod/admin

Corey Andrews 3:59 PM: I think its my turn to help validate your feelings on things, and just the very fact that she words it to Mark Plummer as if YOU are upset, YOU are the one with the problem… I don’t like it at all

Corey Andrews 3:59 PM: It’s not going to resolve things if you talk to her, unfortunately. Sad to say

Corey Andrews 4:00 PM: but of course I wouldn’t discourage it if you did want to talk with her

Corey Andrews 4:01 PM: I’ve been contemplating my next move all day. Whether im going to message Mike and talk to him about everything first, or if I should message Karen and see what she has to say for herself. Im not happy at all that she didn’t choose to reach out to me on her own accord after Mike and I had our chat

Corey Andrews 4:02 PM: One thing is for sure, I need to choose how I move next very very carefully, or I could end up getting the full force of DLC’s fury. I don’t want to be black PR’d

Corey Andrews 4:03 PM: I think she could really damage my reputation

Corey Andrews 4:07 PM: I have a real chance at standing out in the critic community, and I don’t want to screw that up. Knowing everything u said above about Mike and other ppl that were in the Sea Org, I still feel I have a strong connection with these people and the life you all lived, and if I believed in multiple lives I might’ve thought I was one of you for real haha

Corey Andrews 4:09 PM: everything will play out the way its supposed to and im not worried about the fine details of how it happens. This whole time ive been learning and just dealing with things as they happen and doing the best that I can do with the resources I have.

Corey Andrews 4:10 PM: ive always had that kind of outlook… “things will work out in the end. Just keep hanging on.”

Corey Andrews 4:18 PM: oh and another thing, I think its funny that she called Mark and not me.about resolving things with you. She knows u and I have a good relationship

Corey Andrews 4:19 PM: that just goes to show me that she feels shes losing control of me too

Corey Andrews 4:19 PM: and she even accused u of “stealing” me like im hers and hers alone loll

Corey Andrews 4:20 PM: I notice patterns in people’s behavior Karen, im VERY good at it

Corey Andrews 4:21 PM: and one pattern that sticks out to me is I know when she likes something ive done, and I know when she doesn’t.

Corey Andrews 4:21 PM: For example

Corey Andrews 4:21 PM: when I made those posts with that quote from you, those EXTREMELLY popular posts that are still gaining a lot of traction and likes/hearts, she was one of the last people to like it lol. But if I put something up of hers for example, shes all over it.

Corey Andrews 4:23 PM: its as if she just goes along with everybody in the end and gives it a like out of reluctance lololol

Corey Andrews 4:24 PM: I don’t normally pay that kind of close attention to things, but its just noticeable to me is all. I cant help but notice

Karen De La Carriere Refers To Me As “Her Corey”

Karen Pressley 4:26 PM: In our last talk, She referred to you as “her Corey.” She told me she found you and developed you into what you became. I had no idea at the time and just listened. But I felt like you were being referred to as a commodity that she was in control of.

Corey Andrews 4:27 PM: Jesus LOL

Corey Andrews 4:27 PM: that gave me a good laugh

Corey Andrews 4:28 PM: Actually, I think Mike Rinder deserves the credit for how she found me.

Corey Andrews 4:28 PM: Mike Rinder would retweet things I was saying and he would like my content long before KDLC took note of me

Corey Andrews 4:29 PM: He helped my profile grow into what it is, not her.

Corey Andrews 4:39 PM: lol I told Jennifer about that. “Her Corey” LOL we’re both having a laugh now

leah remini and mike rinder with karen pressley
Karen Pressley Realizes The Outer Banks Is Karen De La Carriere’s Cultic Group 7

“Imagine what could happen if those of us in the critic community, no matter what social media groups we engage in, would focus our efforts on bringing down the cult & lifting each other up instead of bringing each other down.” – Karen Pressley

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