16 thoughts on “Alanzo’s Scientology Promotional Video #1”

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  2. One question and one comment:

    How do you define ‘fanaticism’?

    Do you really think the reason some people protest Scientology is to get negative smearsites (put up by Scientology) taken down?

    Wouldn’t an easier way to avoid a smear site be to NOT protest Scientology in the first place?

    I guess that’s 3 questions

    Crows? How can you like crows?!
    They are scary and mean

      • Omg – you are obsessed with that
        Some might even say a ‘fanatic’
        I told you that different people attended different events.
        If you are asking about the Saturday evening event with the speakers, there were probably 45 people there
        We made 52 gift bags and 4 additional bags for the speakers (so that would total 56) and I had 3 leftover bags, but 2-3 people will took an extra bag.

  3. LOL! Alanzo, Secret Agent Man! So Will Harper mentioned your blog and you started and stopped it so many times that I just never clicked to see what you were doing, no particular reason, so I clicked and voila! A virtual (no pun) plethora of blogging! You have been busy my friend.

    My eyes were darting everywhere and so I had to put one hand over my eyes and the other clicked the mouse. I landed here. Good stuff! Keep going! Love you, man.

    Your friend,
    Chris Thompson

    PS: Is David Miscavige queing you during this video? hahahaha

  4. Hilarious.
    To improve OSA compliance, please say “Literally” frequently, esp. when you are not being literal.
    Thanks, and Heil Ron.

  5. I vote for more of the written blogger Alanzo rather than the video Alanzo.

    With video, it’s sort of an all-or-nothing thing. You have to watch it all or you might miss the point.

    Here are my comments on using video on a blog in general:

    1. How long is the video? Do I want to spend that much time? (I did watch this one). As a note, I rarely watch any video longer than about 3-4 minutes.

    2. Does the video title and/or guests seem interesting? It might be “Yes!” but then…oh, #1 above.

    3. Is there a transcript I can skim? Yes!! Just do that. (BTW, this is one of Chris Shelton’s smarter moves. He usually has a transcript.)

    So there you go. I’d rather read/skim to hear your thoughts than to not watch videos to not hear your thoughts.

    Now to comment about what you said in the video:

    1. Don’t let the people who accuse you of being a born-again Scientologist get under your skin.

    2. Guard against becoming an Anti-(anti-Scientologist) fanatic.

    3. Just keep on saying things that make sense. Keep using your brand of humor, and keep using your voice to help people with their struggles as they try to come to terms with their Scientology and related experiences.

    That’s all. I appreciate you and your efforts.

    • Another thing: you said you lied about L.Ron Hubbard. What was or were the lies? I think you should correct the record.

      Btw, did you go back to requiring comments to be emailed? I was able to post the one above right here, but now it looks like posters aren’t able to do so – either here or on other blog posts, including the newest one


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