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Demonstrations to get Putin's political rival, Alexei Navalny, released from jail.

Navalny was poisoned a few months ago and has recovered. So now Trump's boss put him in jail.

Democracy has very clear enemies around the world. What are we going to do about them?

Nothing? https://t.co/5j9xQMmPmV

Great example of the dumbass arrogance of reductive materialists currently dominating the modern #scientific paradigm.

Given the amount that pop star Brian does not know about the natural world, "not yet discovered" is a more accurate statement.

The arrogance of #atheists! https://t.co/Bme4dgPhtV
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Daily Express @Daily_Express
Science has 'ruled out' humans having souls, says Brian Cox
https://t.co/Piiz2ibjSI https://t.co/xJNMNdHP8m

My favorite book on #Buddhism: Simple, precise & profound.

The process of death is detailed, as well as what 'ordinary mind' looks like.

Jeffrey Hopkins is vigilant in Tibetan & in English.

The Dalai Lama's experience is clearly articulated.

A highly skilled introduction. https://t.co/KSjgzknRxo
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My senator from #Illinois, once again, expresses an anti-political party opinion in the interests of our country.

Maybe you people will someday realize that Illinois produces Americans who continually work to save our country.

Let's see some of you other MFers step up, as well. https://t.co/kJ5YcppKuO

I'm surprised by this lecture on #Nietzche's life & philosophy: I know so little about his work.

This is a highly entertaining & deeply insightful lecture.

I'm so grateful to have this introduction!


weak democracies don't survive