That Time When Angry Gay Pope Outed Karen de la Carriere As a Practicing Scientologist

Steven Mango had produced his first epic expose of life as Karen de la Carriere’s Scientology auditing pc from 2012-2017 or so.

In 2020, Angry Gay Pope – Karen de la Carriere and Jeffrey Augustine’s long time video editor – along with Graham Berry, her legal counselor, produced a video trashing Steven Mango for telling the truth about Karen being a Scientologist.

The ensuing uproar on Facebook was where AGP plopped out the truth about Karen and Scientology, which she has been lying about and hiding now for a decade.

She’s still hiding it.

Read it yourself:

angry gay pope says karen de la carriere is a practicing scientologist

So many questions arise from what Angry Gay Pope says here.

Just one is “Why hasn’t Tony Ortega or Chris Shelton reported that Karen de la Carriere is a practicing Scientologist?”

Is she paying them to keep it quiet?

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