Alanzo’s Censorship Policy – Reissued

Cornfield Manor, Cornfield, Illinois




All off-topic and personally insulting comments, and all ad-hominem attacks, will be disposed of quietly and without sorrow.

Any viewpoint on Scientology, L Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige, or cults, philosophies, and religions in general, will not be censored unless I feel like it.


65 thoughts on “Alanzo’s Censorship Policy – Reissued”

  1. Revisional Update 31 March 2017

    In addition to the above technology regarding personally insulting remarks, if your email address does not work, or if I discern a lie about who you say you are, your post will be censored and your IP address will be banned from this website – unless I like you, or a I like what you say, and/or I can use what you write for my own purposes to make an example of you, or to make a brash and authoritarian statement of some kind.


  2. Alanzo feeds his ego by running a blog. I feed my cyber addiction by participating. I recently realized I’m a cyber addict. Sometime soon I’ll see if I can stay away from the computer for a full day. If I can’t, I guess I’ll have to look for a cyber addiction Twelve Step Program.

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    [okay, yeah. The above is an attempt at Off Topic Blog Comment humor]

    • Gib commented on ESMB that he felt this policy is against freedom of speech. Well, yeah. It’s your blog. It’s your intellectual property. Not his. I get his objection, but he’s wrong.

      • I haven’t seen that. It must be in the Members Only area of ESMB where they have the hookers and drugs.

        But Gib said something about editing posts. I edit my own posts. I don’t edit any body else’s. So I don’t get it. He was being very coy last night. Perhaps he can be a little less shy and coquetish today.

        • If I misinterpreted you, I apologize.

          You said you will not censor unless you feel like it. Since censor means to delete in part or whole, I took what you said that you would edit a post by somebody if you feel like it.

          I understand about the ad hom, but that too I think should be allowed on ESMB and other blogs. If somebody resorts to ad hom, then you know they have a leak argument as they attack the person instead of what is said. Ad hom is what the COS does with their hate websites about Rinder, Rathbun, Wright, Remini, Headley, etc., you know attack never defend, which is just a effort to get somebody to STFU and never discuss.

          If somebody knows ad hom and gets ad hom’d, they can call out the person on it.

          • Yeah. I appreciate that. You should know that Alanzos Censorship Policy is tongue in cheek. I am making fun of moderators at ESMB, Tony’s and Marty’s blog and elsewhere with it.

            I would never edit anyone elses’ posts but my own. If anyone else’s posts contain ad hom or personal attacks I will trash the whole post.

            Ad hom creates an environment where minority views can not be heard. And this makes the discussion far less valuable. In my opinion.

          • Well, it never really worked out all that well when I called people out on ad homs. It really doesn’t. People generally blame the person making the waves and who is getting talked to that way. It’s better to have ROCs though ESMB’s owner herself flouts them. Still, better to have them than to not have them.

          • Whaz up Gib! Hope you keep posting here. I don’t actually post a lot, but I do drop in every day or so and post if I feel so moved.

            I can tell you that Alanzo is very fair in deciding which comments to keep from being posted. I’ve had a handful not make it through myself and can truthfully say that if I were him I wouldn’t have let them through either. It had nothing to do with agreement with said posts. It was because they were just ridiculous. As you know Gib, I can be quite ridiculous. To put it mildly! Lol…

            Oh, and I want give a quick shout and say “Hey” to ITYIWT since I now know she checks this place out occasionally. I miss ya! (I’ve always assumed that you are a “she” btw. I think Al referred to you as a “he” this past week though. So my apologies if I got the gender wrong).

            But hey, in Amurica we’re past gender identity now. Right? I feel like using the women’s restroom today. Just to piss off our Governor if anything. Lol….

            • hi Lone Star,

              I probably won’t if Alanzo makes statements like this in his latest post:

              “This post will be where the discussion on ESMB spills out over on to AlanzosBlog – where the REAL issues can be discussed without having to wade through all the comments from all the assholes and old men in crappy pants!”

              • Gib –

                Sometimes, a critic of Scientology can operate in an echo-chamber environment where his ideas and behavior are NEVER challenged, and everything he says is repeated back to him. He justs goes and goes. He lets his nightmare imagination about Scientology run away with him. I believe this is what has happened to HelluvaHoax!

                No one is questioning him. No one is challenging him. Everyone who might disagree with him shuts their mouths for fear that the rest of the group might come down on them.

                I believe that this is the environmental dynamic that corrupted Hubbard and which corrupts all cult leaders. The term for it is “counter-transference“. The most important part of this is that the truth goes off the rails and the critic ends up in a kind of nightmare la la land, indulging in fantasies that keep himself and others terrified and obsessed with boogy men and cognitive distortion.

                HelluvaHoax! is a great writer and a very smart guy. He has spent a considerable amount of time and effort to trying discredit me and so many others. In fact he does this daily. I can’t usually take that kind of thing for too long without responding.

                He certainly dishes it out, I’m pretty sure he can take, too.

                But you’re right. “Assholes and old men in crappy pants” was an ad hom attack right on HelluvaHoax! and his fanatical igor “Churchill.

                Ooops, I did it again.

                Thanks for pointing it out.


                • I don’t think so. HH is a great poster on ESMB and pretty much everything he says about scientology is spot on for which I would agree because I have experienced what HH says. He/she does ad hom occasionally and I don’t agree with those posts, and about you, but you kind of create it.

                  And HH does not fixate on you, HH mostly exposes the con of hubbard/scientology.

                  As far as transference, the best I read was by Caroline Soul Hackers.

                • Well, HH did spend some time trailing me and challenging me. At one point he tried to get me to admit I’d done a bad thing by joining CofS. And I’m like no, I ain’t admitting nuttin’, I was a minor, I was a child.

                  And he wrote a couple posts like here let me channel her. Again, I wasn’t posting on or near that thread. So, he may be bright and all that but he’s a cheapass bully. Why target some stranger on the ‘net? There can be no good reason but there are some bad ones.

        • Alanzo – Does it cost any money to join the Members Only area where they have hookers and drugs? I’m interested. (Just as an observer, of course.)

          P.S. I wonder if a never-in would glance over these comments and take them seriously. It often happens on blogs that satire or tongue in cheek is misinterpreted. Now, about the hookers and drugs . . .

  4. On a serious note…I think there is a simple rule to healthy living on the blogs:

    Attack the idea – not the person

    Whenever I see a poster resort to personal attacks, name calling, cyber-bullying, etc, I lose a little respect for them. They have abandoned intellectual discourse and have turned their sights on the messenger; thinking if they shoot the messenger, that somehow the idea or viewpoint will be harmed.

    Never works.

    • I’ve seen plenty of holier than thou posts there about respecting others etc by people who…don’t.

      Michelle Sterling, who owns ESMB, did her best to convince me that various things were all my fault. And I did exacerbate things by defending myself and others when the incessant remarks would start. It didn’t work. It made things worse. But if you could have seen some of the allegations-whoa! Really bad stuff. She wrote a rant about me.

      So, another time I realized it truly was them-she wrote another rant about my posting style. Cuz I like to figure out WHY things are bad, wrong, etc. I like to dissect things. There’s nothing rude in that, it’s not against the ROCs of any forum. And she was just -wow- it was deeply personal and very weird. Screaming about how I go no, it’s green but it could be yellow and blue. She really went off like a firecracker. What msg board admin DOES that? Posting style- are ya kidding me?

      The other person yelling about my posting was someone who’d been very butt hurt about my interests in Independent Scn and when I said I no longer was an indie, he was all like, you are, too. Can’t win! One day he messaged me asking for help in an area of my expertise in my career. I answered nicely and tried to help. Later, he started howling about “iffy this and iffy that” over and over.

      A couple of them also saw something I posted here last year about a time just before I left, where I’d actually wanted to die one weekend. I’d described the events leading up to it. They saw it and breezed right past the part about wanting a truck to hit me and laughed at what I’d written while misquoting it, as usual.


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