Pro Life marchers and some abortion-rights supporters at the U.S. Supreme Court on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, on Jan. 24 , 2005. Chicago Tribune Photo by Pete Souza

Back when I used to be a Scientologist, I would look away from a lot of things in order to remain one.

Even in that little bubble, there were things that I was aware of which were “truths” that I didn’t want to look at.

For instance: I didn’t want to look at the idea that a lot of the incidents I ran in past life auditing didn’t add up. I didn’t want to look at the passages in, for instance, Science of Survival where L Ron Hubbard wrote that people “below 2.0 on the Tone Scale” should have “no civil rights of any kind.”

And I certainly did not want to look at those fanatics in the Sea Org running around in fake sailor suits screaming at me.

When I was a Scientologist, I was doing something else than seeking to live with the truth. I was being a tribal warrior. And those were some of the parts of my side of the war that I had to look away from if I wanted to keep being a Scientologist.

After I’d flipped and become an Anti-Scientologist, there were things I was looking away from there, too. And I did not allow myself to see them until I had my “Hey! Wait A Minute!” moment as an Ex and discovered the policy of Embracement.

Abortion: Pick a Side and Look Away from Half of the Truth

There are two very strong tribal elements battling against each other in the US Abortion War.

One side says that Abortion is murder. It’s actually murdering babies.

The other side says that a woman has a right to control her own body, and to make decisions about whether to become a mother.

In order for a person to remain on one side or another in this war, they must look away from the truth that the other side clings to.

The policy of Embracement would open their eyes to the truths of both sides and conclude:


When you really embrace both of those ideas, you become a little bit less adolescent. You grow up a little. You realize that human life does include killing – even to eat. And a woman has a right to her own body. That means a woman has a right to kill her fetus, and no other power has the right to stop her.

It’s at that point when you realize that the existing law which limits abortion to the first trimester – a law forged in this raging battle – is probably the most rational law we could ever have on the subject.

When you accept these truths from BOTH tribes, all of a sudden, you cool out. The war goes away in your mind. And you grow up a little bit.

The same policy of Embracement applies to the Scientology/Anti-Scientology war:

Scientology is my religion and I have a right to practice it.


Scientology is a criminal cult and is a matter for law enforcement.

What are both tribes looking away from in order to cling to the half-truths of their positions?

Scientology is a cult which abuses people and Scientologists have a right to practice it.

There are a lot of other things that Anti-Scientologists are looking away from, as well, in order to cling to their “side” of the truth.

Such as:

It’s perfectly legal in the United States to make-up a pack of woo-woo ideas – and outright lies – bundle them together with a bunch of socially coercive, hypnotic, operant conditioning techniques, and charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to run people through them to the point of bankruptcy. This is perfectly legal in the United States.

But there’s something else, too. Something way more important that Anti-Scientologists are looking away from, and which Ex-Scientologists have even forgotten about themselves: Your own power of choice.

When you were a Scientologist you did choose to remain one – even after seeing the abuse. All the information was available to you if you wanted to see it – if you were really seeking to live with the truth.

As a Scientologist, you CHOSE not to see it.

It’s this part of the truth which Anti-Scientologists are looking away from and which would bring them up out of adolescence. It would help raise the debate to a more adult level:

Scientology is a religious choice. And the people who get themselves involved and stay involved for years, do so knowingly and willingly.

Just as you did.

It’s their choice.

Scientology is perfectly legal, and people, knowingly and willingly, choose to practice it.

And, just as you would not want to live on a planet that was “cleared” by Scientology, I don’t think you would want to live in a society where making the religious choice to be a Scientologist was not perfectly legal, as well.

Like the grown up view that in order for us to eat we have to kill something, it’s also a grown up view that Scientologists make a religious choice to be Scientologists – a valid individual choice that they have every right to make.

These are baseline truths that you must accept as an Ex-Scientologist which pretty much deflates your ability to remain a red-faced, screaming anti-Scientologist. Fully accepting these baseline truths moderates your rage, and brings reason back in to your viewpoint. You cool out, grow up, and become more accepting of the other side’s truth, too.

There are other truths that you must look away from in order to remain an Anti-Scientologist.

Can you think of them?