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People being irresistibly drawn to the Sinless Man in the Cornfields of Illinois. What awaits?!


Science fiction is still doing well on television and at the box office.

“Direct all telepathic messages to:
Cornfields of Illinois, USA, Teegack, Sector 9
The Communicator In Charge will acknowledge”

If you want to stay out of the supernatural you could be a Jason Bourne spy type dude.

“Once programmed by an evil cult, his ever expanding awareness leads him seek truth, justice, and the American way.”


Nice video Alanzo,

Some things to say, I have.

You should leave out the little captions like Group, Wide, etc.

I really luv the whole thing although I don’t know actually what you are saying, so that is the mystery sandwich that you have learned from Hubbard,

I like your music and graphics otherwise.

You have tapped into sublime, but not quite. I’m guessing you have tapped into the sublime of the TV series Game of Thrones in which Winter is Coming. ?

I made this post on Tony O blog today in response to Derek:

“Derek • 5 hours ago
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Gib Derek • 23 minutes ago
yah, it’s called Sublime, that’s what Hubbard got us to think.

reminds me of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

That movie tapped into the sublime which is what Hubbard did with Dianetics and Scientology about going “clear” and the “OT”, it’s sublime writing.

“Longinus defines the literary sublime as “excellence in language”, the “expression of a great spirit” and the power to provoke “ecstasy” in one’s readers. Longinus holds that the goal of a writer should be to produce a form of ecstasy.”

Look it up, Hubbard was a writer.

Of course Hubbard’s dianetics and scientology do not produce any clears or ots, or ecstasy, we all thought we could be by following or doing the exact steps to total freedom.

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The reason why I post this, is because do you think just because I made a post on Tony O blog I am tribal to his blog? Or is it because I can say something?


I love the concept! Do we all get to choose our own roles and have superpowers?
I want to be “The Professor, fighting for statistical Justice, one byte at a time” or maybe “Oysterwoman, hiding below the surface mostly doing nothing at all”


Just for conversation and just some opinions –
If scn is ever to be reformed it would occur over a long period of time.
The sadistic and paranoid parts of Hubbard’s writings and subject would need to be eliminated.
Guaranteed or promised results would need to be eliminated.
The essence of scn is metered auditing which is recorded on paper and submitted to a Case Supervisor for review. Someone would need to trust that their innermost secrets wouldn’t be publicly revealed.
The Milky Way galaxy is one of over 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe. Is one to believe in Hubbard’s narrative of intergalactic conflict in one sector of the Milky Way?
Can someone introspect on their thoughts and actions without attributing them to disembodied beings?
The brand name is discredited. Any organization utilizing aspects of scn would need to have disclaimers such as “Utilizing some of the works of L. Ron Hubbard.”
Without dramatic reforms scn will probably end up in reading rooms like Theosophy, Thelema and other Occult (as on the upper levels) practices.


Hey Richard, how can scientology be reformed?

I know I’m repeating myself and that pisses people off, LOL, when I state the following:

no clears or OT’s, never was one or never will be one.

So what are or is one trying to reform?

Well my rhetorical question, not to be confused with the 3 means of persuasion of rhetoric, well I imagine a freezoner or indie will respond with the freezone or indie are not under the suppression of DM and you can obtain clear and then OT. And then such a person will actually use rhetoric to persuade one can achieve such results.

It’s confusing, I know.


You sir are an interesting character.


yes he is. I’m reminded of a book I read online for free. The first chapter is called “Novelty”:


The first and the simplest emotion which we discover in the
human mind, is Curiosity. By curiosity, I mean whatever desire
we have for, or whatever pleasure we take in, novelty. “


Is not curiosity the mystery sandwich?


Gib – I’m guessing that if I had been alive in the late 1800’s I would have been drawn to some form of Spiritualism or Occultism. I would have engaged in it for some time and then exited, similar to scn. Without being too serious about it, maybe part of the draw to scn for me might be genetics. When I was a boy my grandmother told me angels helped her and they would help me too if I asked them.

I think Alanzo wants this blog to be a place where people can express some benefits from scn without being met with hostility and being told they wasted money and life. The entirety of the subject was false and a scam and they must admit they were fools.

Regardless of terminology (clear, OT), do you feel there is no such thing as “higher states of awareness”? Do you feel Buddhists and many others are lying? Maybe after scn the only thing left is Tony Robbins, Self Hypnosis, The Forum or whatever. Pursue Self Improvement and skip any investigation or consideration of the paranormal or supernatural.


Richard, here’s how I see it.

When one is born, not too aware, as one grows older a little more aware and as one grows older, a little more aware from before, and so on up the age one goes. At death I have no idea if we are aware of the afterlife and I’m pretty convinced Hubbard had no idea either although he sold/persuaded us that he did.

I’m not hostile, just presenting (logos) what I have learned in my route out of scientology which is a little different from the mainstream once I realized and found out Hubbard wrote a letter to his Dean Wilbur in which he stated “you’re right, it’s a rhetoric world” and later on, many years later, to scientologists Hubbard’s version is it’s a PR World. If you haven’t read Hubbard’s marketing and PR Series you may not know this, Alanzo has and he can correct me if wrong.

PR is derived from rhetoric, just more refined, and different words, I say.


Genesis: In the beginning was the word…


yep, in fact Hubbard said the word was “survival” per his 4 dynamics of dianetics and later 8 dynamics of scientology.

In the link above I provided above, part 1, chapter 6 , “Of the Passions Which Belong to Self-Preservation”.

And the other 4 dynamics of Dianetics can be found in chapter “Of the Passions Which Belong to Society”.

I do not know where Hubbard got his 8 dynamics, I suspect from Crowley.

Hubbard most certainly used pain and danger in his rhetoric and PR to members and readers of his books or lectures and those going up the Bridge, ie, if you are not clear, you are irrational, and if not OT you are at risk and can loose your eternity.

“MOST of the ideas which are capable of making a powerful impression on the mind, whether simply of Pain or Pleasure, or of the modifications of those, may be reduced very nearly to these two heads, self-preservation and society; to the ends of one or the other of which all our passions are calculated to answer. The passions which concern self-preservation, turn mostly on pain or danger. The ideas of pain, sickness, and death, fill the mind with strong emotions of horror; but life and health, though they put us in a capacity of being affected with pleasure, make no such impression by the simple enjoyment. The passions therefore which are conversant about the preservation of the individual turn chiefly on pain and danger, and they are the most powerful of all the passions.”


I know! Seems like a really important way to frame creation, but that is as far as I have gotten. Ready, set, Down The Rabbit Hole!


In the beginning begs the question of when was the beginning or what existed before existence. Mr. Hubbard got himself into that and look where it got him. In the beginning was the word is good enough for me. All religions have a belief in other planes of existence so at least there’s common agreement on that.

Incidentally, Terra Cognita’s trash Scientology episode yesterday on Mike Rinder’s blog was about the Eighth (God) Dynamic. It must be morphic resonance, theta waves of understanding spreading amongst ex scnists and interested never-ins. This winter the Sinless Man might reveal ultimate truth-hood or stretch it out as cliff-hangers.

The total irrelevance of Self as current Self might be the viewpoint of a master in any belief system. Just a continuing part of the continuum. I do spend too much time sitting around contemplating shit. Alanzo started it with his darn movie trailer.


Do you think that “in the beginning was the word” might refer to the beginning of humankind as a conscious and Self- Aware species? The ability to use words to communicate is the thing that makes humans different from other species (who do communicate but not with words).
Maybe it refers to the historical point where the human brain evolved to language.


I’m reminded of the book I read called Lectures on rhetoric and belles lettres: By Hugh Blair. (I’ve done a lot research into rhetoric).


In that book, and it’s not an easy read, why the chapter called “The Rise and Progress of Language” is an interesting read. The Word, what was the Word from the beginning mean?

In Hugh’s account, imagine when language first began? And Hugh goes over it pretty good, Imagine how to communicate such things as anger, happy, etc before language was developed, how would you do it? How would you express anger. or happy, or content, and so on? When you are first born? If there were no words, how would you utter danger, or happiness, and so on?

For instance, when a baby cries, what does that mean? Is the baby hungry or in pain or does it need it’s diapers changed? Are these emotions? No words are spoken but yet communication occurs.

Hubbard and dianetics and scientology never touched in this questioning.


When you mentioned it what came to mind for me was, “There was a thought and from the thought arose a word.” Obviously a word is different than the word but that’s what came to mind. For example, the thought was light and a word followed. When, where, what, how or who had the thought, who knows. People interpret or experience a universal intelligence in many ways through their cultural filters.

I was tempted to join the conversation on Mike’s blog, but anything I might have added had already been said by others. Hubbard was vicious in his attempts to stamp out any beliefs other than his own.


Whats the point of this?


Coffee Shop conversation from home.


Or – It’s a modern day internet Athenaeum.

Or – It’s a place to placate internet addiction.

(There is now a recognized category in Psychology called CyberPsychology. It calls internet addiction “Internet Use Disorder” – haha – See Mary Aiken on youtube)

P.S. Just from following scn blogs over the last two years I have a good enough overview of at least a dozen subjects I knew nothing about before to carry on a conversation at a cocktail party – assuming everyone is a bit tipsy.


Created by Alanzo