Scientology super power building

What Scientology’s Cash Cow Looked Like Before the Garcia’s Sued Them

As everyone should know by now, the biggest Scientology Super Power is its legal firm. And in the wake of the crushing defeat of the Garcia case, one should begin to question some of the legal advice that Ex-Scientologists have been receiving which has resulted in so many losses.

A documentary from 2011 sheds light on this.

One of the cases in the excellent documentary “Hot Coffee” highlights the famous lawsuit brought by the woman who sued McDonalds because she bought coffee and spilled it on herself, winning millions of dollars. The documentary shows what that case was really all about, and it will shock you if you simply listened to what the media had to say.

But the other case this documentary highlights is way worse than just spilling coffee on yourself, and it shows the exact kind of oppressive corporate tactics that Scientology employs against its parishioners.

Lisa Goodman of Democracy Now spent an entire episode going over the documentary. If you watch this segment with the Garcia case in mind, you’ll see why David Miscavige won the case. You’ll also see why what Scientology’s legal firm did to win it was nothing unique to Scientology. Just like Scientology, all the most abusive corporations in the United States do it.

The result of the Garcia case also shows what Scientology’s true Super Power is – the law firm that David Miscavige has, and which Marty Rathbun & Mike Rinder worked with as the heads of the RTC and the Office of Special Affairs for decades.

This kind of case law is so embedded, so tested, and so strong in the US, one would have to wonder who gave the Garcia’s the advice that this particular legal bulwark was the one to attack to win against Scientology. Just like the advice that the Headley’s got to launch a human trafficking case – did their legal advice come from Mike Rinder himself?

Sun Tzu, OSA’s fundamental playbook, said to trick your enemies into attacking your strongest defenses, and distract your enemies from attacking your weakest.

Maybe another Scientology Super Power is Mike Rinder’s legal advice to Ex-Scientologists who are just trying to get justice from Scientology.

At this point, it’s certainly something to consider.