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Has Celebrity Anti-Scientology Jumped the Shark?

Yesterday, up and coming celebrity anti-Scientologist Brendan Tighe was on Meghan Kelly’s chat show, where he claimed that Scarlett Johansson auditioned with the Church of Scientology to be Tom Cruise’s girlfriend. Johanssen released a statement … Read more

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Scientology Fatigue

Just like an upcoming event in Scientology, where it’s the GREATEST EVER and THE WORLD WILL CHANGE after this great new announcement, Leah and Mike’s minions are doing their best to pump up what’s left of the viewership.

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Tony Ortega & Rachel Bernstein’s Abuse of Scientologist Cathy Tweed

In my opinion, Tony Ortega’s continued use of his blog to attack Cathy Tweed very much crosses the line of ethical journalism. And Rachel Bernstein’s use of her standing as a licensed psychologist to publicly shame a mother who has lost her daughter to suicide is, quite possibly, a breach of her license.

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The Ideals of Scientology Criticism

Because Scientologists & anti-Scientologists hold emotionally founded beliefs, expect these ideals to be violated on any Blog, Youtube Channel or Facebook group.