A New Place to Discuss Scientology Without Tribal Ninnies Telling You What to Think

There’s a new subReddit now. It’s called  Reddit ExScientologists .

Here’s the description:

This sub will be moderated within the boundaries of the following ideals:

  • The Free Exchange of Ideas
  • The Questioning of Rooted Assumptions
  • The Promotion of Rigorous Debate
  • The Cultivation of Mutual Respect
  • Seeking to Live With the Truth

Other discussion groups on Scientology:

  • Do not allow the free exchange of ideas
  • Do not allow questioning of rooted beliefs and assumptions
  • Try to silence ideas that question or challenge their ideological positions
  • Personally attack participants in these groups who voice unpopular ideas
  • Allow only their own tribal narrative to be the subject of discussion

The continual violation of these ideals is what has made the Post Scientology Internet a complete shit-show, harmful to both Scientologists & Ex-Scientologists who desperately need an environment which strives to preserve these ideals.

Hysterical and hyperbolic language, the changing or denial of context, or specificity, or nuance, in order to support your own beliefs, are all ways of supporting your tribe but not supporting the truth. This place has no tribe.

You can avoid moderator actions in Reddit ExScientologists by showing respect to other members, being mindful of your responsibility to be fair and intellectually honest to any belief which counters yours, and all positions related to them.

Who is welcome in Reddit ExScientologists?

  • Ex-Scientologists
  • Anti-Scientologists
  • Independent Scientologists
  • Members of the Church of Scientology
  • Never-in Critics of Scientology
  • Never-in Supporters of Scientology
  • Critics of Anti-Scientology
  • Fans of Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath
  • Cult Counselors
  • Scientology Counselors
  • Members of the Anti Cult Movement
  • Members of the Cult Apologist Movement
  • Psychologists
  • Professors of Sociology
  • Old Guard Critics
  • Celebrity AntiScientologists
  • Under the Radar Critics of Scientology
  • OSA Agents & PR Personnel
  • Muckraking and Biased Journalists
  • Fair and Objective Journalists
  • Bloggers & Paid Hacks
  • Whistleblowers of Scientology
  • Whistleblowers of anti-Scientology
  • Members of Anonymous
  • Post Ex-Scientologists
  • Flying Monkeys
  • Attention Whores

As long as any member of any of these groups sticks to the ideals listed above, then they will not have any problem in this sub. The moderators of this sub are unapologetic about their actions here, and do not explain themselves. Moderator actions are not part of the discussion of this sub.

Treatment of Anonymity Members will remain anonymous or not, per their own choice. Call other members by their Reddit screen name only, unless the person has given expressed permission not to. No 2nd or 3rd party outing of any member will be tolerated and will result in an immediate insta-ban. As with all moderator actions, these will have no explanation, or apology.

So go here:

Engage with people from all parts of the Scientology spectrum in an environment that allows the expression of EVERYONE’S ideas, cultivating an environment of mutual respect and the free exchange of ideas.

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