One of the Best Documentaries on Scientology Ever Made – And You’ve Never Heard of It

This documentary examination of the controversial Church of Scientology focuses on its fringes: alien abductions, art dealing, E Meters, and the Sea Organization, and weaves together interviews with both active and inactive members.” “Director: Jeffrey Peixoto”

The utter creepiness of Jeffrey Augustine and Karen de la Carriere aside, it is one of the best documentaries on Scientology ever. Very true to life, very nuanced, very well treated. Still-in Church of Scientologists are even in the movie – this is an extreme rarity.

I watched it on Amazon. You can too.

You could ask, “Why hasn’t Tony Ortega ever written about this?” Is it because Karen de la Carriere pays him from her mysterious “Internet art business”? This documentary is not even allowed to be discussed on the underground bunker message boards. Such is the information control on all Scientology related Snow Suzy properties.

AlanzosBlog is not a Snow Suzy Property. You can discuss it here.

1 thought on “One of the Best Documentaries on Scientology Ever Made – And You’ve Never Heard of It”

  1. How about giving us a brief rundown? I’m really interested in watching it, but I first need to organize a fundraiser in each Ideal Org for the viewing party, and this needs to wait until each Org has been upgraded to Ideal and of course, we have sufficient Ideal Orgs in each Continent to Clear the Planet.

    So it may be a while before we can raise the funds to view it.


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