Nathan Rich Responds to the Church of Scientology’s Vicious Attack Videos on Him

For Nathan Rich Scientology was simply not something he wanted to get involved in – ever. No matter how much they forced him, Scientology was not ever something that was going to work for him. And he makes a very good case about how it actually harmed him from a very early age.

This video is an excellent, and calm, and total take-down of the Church of Scientology’s despicable attacks against him. How could his family members ever agree to take part in this?

These kinds of attacks must be hell to endure and cause incredible pressure for everyone, including the members of his family. Nathan handles it with good humor and searing factual honesty.

I want Nathan to know that I support him for speaking up on Leah’s show, and I encourage him to keep doing so.

Of all the ways that David Miscavige has at his disposal to respond to criticisms of the Mace-Kingsley Ranch, his videos attacking people like Nathan Rich reveal how stupid and vicious and sociopathic he really is. That David Miscavige is still allowed to operate with impunity, and outside the walls of a well-guarded prison, is one of the most outrageous injustices of my, and many other peoples’ lifetimes.

The day that David Miscavige goes behind bars is the day that tens of thousands of people will have improved lives.

This is why we must concentrate on David Miscavige’s criminal activity. Criminal charges are the only things that are going to do something effective about bringing justice to a guy like this. He is just craving to be locked up.

In the mean time people like Tara and Nathan must not suffer a lack of resources and support for their bravery in the sights of that vicious asshole, David Miscavige.

For more on Nathan, and more information about what’s going on with him, here’s his website:


3 Responses to Nathan Rich Responds to the Church of Scientology’s Vicious Attack Videos on Him

  1. Eileen October 14, 2017 at 2:11 pm #

    I checked out the Mace Kingsley site. Their motto is “We audit children!” There is not a single study or description of exactly what services they offer. It reads exactly like the Scientology site, no truth there.
    It worries me that people would send their children to a program that offers no benefit. Can you spell “dumping ground?”
    I like this video, it cuts back to and addresses the accusations item by item.
    I love the cat yawning duo photo. It makes the claims look like a lie.

  2. Eileen October 14, 2017 at 6:03 pm #

    Everyone with a sense of humor got the cat yawning joke and found it funny. The others? I don’t even know where to begin…

  3. Gib October 16, 2017 at 9:20 pm #

    I think there is more to the story than DM going behind bars. I’d say the lawyers are behind it. That is a though nut to crack. Lawyers hired by Hubbard and DM are versed in rhetoric.

    Was Hubbard’s secret weapon rhetoric, the above link relates to Plato