Mark Plummer’s History Working for Homeland Security

On 10/17/2022, Mark Plummer claimed I LIE about him after reading the below by saying Mark had laid out his history working for US Intelligence Services while posting to Facebook.

Here is what Mark wrote today as proof that I LIED about him.

“Here is another one of Allen Stanfield’s LIES about me. He says I “recently laid out [my] history in the Intelligence Services in SWOT”.”

“100% FALSE.’

“In the first place, I have ZERO experience working for any “Intelligence Services”. And in the second place, I couldn’t possibly lay out any experience in any intelligence service (with or without capital letters) because I never worked for any.’

“What I did “lay out” in SWOT was my experience working as an IT Specialist for the US Department of Homeland Security. I did IT work which consisted of:’

“1) account provisioning and management (liaised with the US Coast Guard to create and delete email accounts, shared network drives, etc.),’

“2) helping to keep our intranet secure from hacking by foreign adversaries,’

“3) training new hires on procedures and protocol within the agency,’

“4) doing remote desktop assistance when a VIP (like a Federal Security Director, Administrative Officer, Federal Air Marshall, Office of Law Enforcement, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, etc.) had a screaming now now now computer emergency that couldn’t wait,’

“5) authoring Help File and Knowlix (knowledge base how-to technical articles for use by agents doing phone support)’

“6) being a Senior Shadow, which is a quality control position in which I monitored 88 other tech guys’ work performance. If they deviated from procedures or security protocol, I wrote Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) and liaised with a team lead or supervisor to get the employee coached and corrected, or fired (if and when their action(s) warranted).’

“Out of all 89 IT Specialists I worked with, I had the HIGHEST job performance evaluation from our manager. And I am the ONLY IT guy in the history of the agency (at least up until the day I retired) who received all fives, in all five categories on random surveys of our clients in relation to the performance of my job duties, for an ENTIRE YEAR. That means I was rated by EVERYONE as having given the HIGHEST POSSIBLE service — PERFECT, in other words. In my last year on the job, I put in over 2200 hours with NO mistakes in the performance of my duties.’

“I held TOP SECRET Security Clearance which was granted by the US Department of Defense. To receive that clearance, one has to complete a Standard Form 86, aka e-QIP, and get investigated for almost 9 months by the FBI, who contacted all my closest friends, my relatives, my neighbors, my doctors and dentists, my former employers, my girlfriends, etc. in an attempt to find any possible security risk or vulnerability.’

“I loved my job and would not have retired from the agency if the facility had remained open in Austin, but for reasons best known to my employer, the decision was made to move their base of operations to Salt Lake City, and I had no desire to live there.’

“This is the document I posted in SWOT. It is the placard from my desk.”

Dept of Homeland Security Mark Plummer AGENT

Wikipedia says this about the Dept of Homeland Security:

“In the United States, the concept of “Homeland Security” extends and recombines responsibilities of government agencies and entities. According to Homeland security research, the U.S. federal Homeland Security and Homeland Defense includes 187 federal agencies and departments,[6] including the National Guard of the United States, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the United States Coast Guard, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the United States Secret Service, the Transportation Security Administration, the 14 agencies that constitute the U.S. intelligence community and Civil Air Patrol. Although many businesses now operate in the area of homeland security, it is overwhelmingly a government function.”

So was I really LYING when I said he worked for US Intelligence Services?

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