Karen De La Carriere & Jeffrey Augustine Call The Cops on Steven Mango

Steven Mango got a call from a detective at the LAPD a couple of days ago on behalf of Karen de la Carriere and Jeffrey Augustine. The cop said that he has been getting repeated calls from “the elderly couple” and it was annoying to him. He talked with Steven, and this video is the result.

Alarming Facts in this Latest Video From Steven Mango on Jeffrey Augustine and Karen de la Carriere

  • Karen de la Carriere and Jeffrey Augustine have been contacting the police “non-stop”, filing false police reports on “extortion” and “harassment”.
  • Karen & Jeffrey have been making donations to LAPD, the LA County Sheriff’s Dept and LA County Fire Department – just lie Scientology does
  • For years, Steven Mango was afraid to expose what he personally observed with these two, but was afraid of what retribution they might exact on him.
  • They used to have a Private Investigator stay at their house, running investigations on Scientology AND OTHER CRITICS constantly (Jeffrey is now a Private Investigator himself)
  • Steven says he has never received fair game from Scientology to the degree he has received it from Celebrity AntiScientology:
    – Gay-bashing and Mentally shaming him in paid videos and Internet posts from Chris Shelton, Angry Gay Pope & Graham Berry
    – Telling other Anti-Scientologists not to watch Steven’s videos, having them watch her videos about him
    – Making other Anti-Scientologists disconnect, unfriend and never share or mention any of his content
    – Having Anti-Scientologists contact him back channel to intimidate him into silence
  • Karen has never contacted Steven personally, nor publicly acknowledged anything about his complaints about her auditing
  • Steven reveals details about Karen & Jeffrey’s payment network, showing evidence which includes Celebrity Anti-Scientologists such as Tony Ortega and Chris Shelton and Ron Miscavige, Sr.
  • The degree to which these Celebrity Anti-Scientologists act just like cult members, blocking out critical information
  • Steven also shows evidence that Karen de la Carriere was delivering Scientology auditing to people as recently as a year ago
  • He shows reports that Karen’s PCs are sworn to secrecy not to tell anyone they are receiving auditing from her
  • The police are definitely uninterested in pursuing Karen and Jeffrey’s reports, but are being used to shudder Steven into silence – just like Scientology does
  • Without saying a word about, or to, Steven Mango, while working furiously behind the scenes to destroy him, she instead publicly posts a video about the death of her son, 8 years ago.

This behavior from Celebrity Anti-Scientology needs to be exposed, and Steven Mango is courageously exposing it.

Thank you, Steven Mango.

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