John McGhee Anti-Scientologist

McGhee Was Thrown Out of this Pub After This Picture Was Taken

I think it is important to document the new trend among anti-Scientologists, started by Mike Rinder of Scientology and the Aftermath, of calling all Scientologists “vermin”.

After doing their best to keep Scientology from opening a new organization in Ireland, and failing miserably – but stirring up a lot of hatred for Scientology there – John McGhee tweeted this tweet calling Scientologists “vermin” and saying Scientologists are “not welcome in Ireland”.

John McGhee calling Scientologists Vermin

He also led a “raid” of a Church in Edinburgh, screaming at staff members who have harmed no one, and with small children studying in the courseroom.

Here, he harasses a group of musicians in a pub, solely because they are Scientologists.

For some people, the attention of being a big bad “SP” fighting the righteous fight against the fraud and abuse of Scientology is an inconsequential, if toxic, pastime. But for John McGhee, I sense there is something more there – something actually sinister that should be watched.

First Leah Remini tells the Hollywood Reporter that all Scientologists believe in pedophilia. Then Mike Rinder calls all Scientologists “vermin”. Now militant jackboots like McGhee have taken that up.

Not a good look for anti-Scientology. And not a good trend at all if you really want to target the specifc abusers in Scientology – like David Miscavige – and their specific abuse.

I do not believe John McGhee is out to do this at all. No, there’s something more sinister in John McGhee, which you can see in these videos.

I’ve now said my piece.