Hysterical Things Anti-Scientologists Say…

Was Barney Fife an Anti-Scientologist?Barney Fife Catastrophizing Anti-Scientologist

He sure could have been, if you listen carefully to some of the whacked-out things that some Anti-Scientologists say about Scientology when they get themselves all worked up into a lather like Barney did.

Here’s just a few recent quotes from Anti-Scientologists on the subject of Scientology:

“They believe a 7-year-old girl should not shudder at being passionately kissed. That’s in Dianetics,”

– Leah Remini to the Hollywood Reporter Promoting the 2nd Season of “Scientology and the Aftermath”

“…To these academics, religious groups should be held blameless for any atrocity including murder, so that tells you a lot about their judgment and objectivity.”

– Chris Shelton Regarding Academics Who Study New Religious Movements

“Normalizing Scientology because of a “reformation” is a near criminal act given the criminality of Scn activities.”

– Chris Shelton Mar 26 2017 LiveTweet During CNN’s “Believer” with Reza Aslan

“Scientology will literally walk over the backs of the dead as it did following the Virginia Tech Massacre.”

– Jeffrey Augustine in a recent breathless letter to get more signatures on his IRS petition than Scientology’s

This is what I have as of this afternoon – just off the top of my head. I’ll be combing the Internet for more. And I’m sure more will be generated by Anti-Scientologists as the days, weeks, and months pass.

I’ll put all these quotes into the little sidebar widget I have created over there —–>>

If anyone should come across any additional breathless hysteria from Anti-Scientologists, copy the quote, who said it, and where, and put it in the comments sections below.

Let’s see if we can get to 20 quotes by next weekend!!!!!

Just kidding….

Happy hunting!

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Miss Tia
Miss Tia

In the spirit of Barney Fife, some off the cuff haiku:

Who, what, are you guys?
Here to control you!

Citizens arrest!!
Stop your objectivity
Think like us, OR ELSE!

Bullet in pocket
Akin to the black P.R.
Anti-Scis publish

Whipped into frenzy
No time to pause, think things through
You’re a machine cog


what’s the point of your post?


The Aftermath going into child abuse and suicide made the discussion very serious. On his blog Mike said the next episode is about trashing Miscavige which might be fun.

Scn blogs have been around long enough that there’s not much new to say. The CoS Inc. is on self destruct anyhow. Who is going to join up without checking out the internet first? Some estimates are that half of the world’s population now has internet access and the percentage is rising. IMO the only hope for scn as a subject to continue is to rip out all the dark and evil parts and make Elron’s theories and belief in intergalactic conflict and body thetans optional.


Okay – I’ll go along with the the topic. Here’s a summary of ONE COMMENT made by someone. I wonder if he/she really believes this happened or happens to everyone.

one pays enormous amounts of money
sometimes physically/sexually abused
needs ignored
eat poorly
pitted against family and friends
lied to
learn to discriminate against other religions/races etc.
income below poverty level
spied on
taught you are a space alien

Holy-Moly! A masochists dream come true!

I’ll admit that “when I was a scn-ist” I regarded Jesus freaks and Hare Krisnas as “uninformed”.

Regarding “aliens”, I once read a series of books called “The Star People” or something like that. It suggested that advanced beings visited earth long ago and introduced genes or variations or something into the DNA of Homo Saps which are now activating in some people. I think I fit in with about 8 of the 10 characteristics listed as representative of star people. Can’t prove it one way or the other – laughter