Doug Kramer Courageously Knocks It Out of the Park With This Vid

This is a courageous video because these people are vicious. Both Doug and I know it.

Steven Mango knows it.

Cathy Schenkelberg knows it.

Victoria Britton knows it.

Anyone who has ever fallen outside their information control network knows it.

But until you experience the business end of the Scientology Controlled Opposition, you really don’t know it.

They have people in the ‘Anti-Scientology community’ literally on their payroll – as in they are paid money by Karen de la Carriere. And these Ex-Scientologists and “Never-ins” very actively try to smear and destroy other critics of Scientology who they are told to destroy on social media.

Most of these people do not know they are smearing good people.

They are dupes of Scientology’s Controlled Opposition.

It’s as if Scientology’s OSA Fair Game apparatus has been outsourced to the people Doug Kramer of the Dazed But Not Confuzed Youtube channel details here.

If You Are a “Never-In” Scientologist – You Are Being Manipulated By These People

If you are a “never-in”, and you have not seen this video by Doug Kramer, then you do not know how you are being manipulated.

Please watch it.

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