Scientology DisconnectionBack in the day, there was an old guard critic named Joe Lynn who got very very angry when Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder got out of the Church and became Independent Scientologists. Marty and Mike were ranting and raving about how bad David Miscavige was, while also saying that going to the FBI about anything in Scientology was a waste of time. Mike and Marty said they’d already been to the FBI and the FBI was not interested in Scientology.

Then Mike and Marty told people that when they were running the dirty tricks operations from OSA and RTC (respectively) that they had been very careful not to commit any felonies. And, of course, they had no felonies to confess to anyone, either.

This made Joe Lynn bust a neck vein. He was positive that Marty and Mike were part of a “controlled opposition” false flag operation, which was not an unprecedented dirty trick for either Marty or Mike. Joe Lynn believed that the two of them had been sent out to distract critics and law enforcement from the real crimes that Scientology had committed.

Over the years, Marty and Mike have moved away from all forms of Scientology and they have been very effective at exposing the cultic abuses in Scientology – if not the crimes. They have shown clearly that David Miscavige was not the only thing wrong with the subject. But in all these years, I am aware of no evidence of felony-level criminal activity committed by the Church of Scientology that has emerged from anyone.

We critics used to think that there were murders, and rapes, and felony-level fraud, and kidnapping and false imprisonment, and human trafficking. This list of crimes going through most critics’ heads fueled massive outrage and weapons-grade finger typing to bring the whole “criminal organization” of Scientology crashing down.

And we believed that fully exposing the evidence for these crimes would finally produce the Holy Grail of all Scientology Activism: The David Miscavige Perp Walk.

Over the years, you would think that at least some evidence of at least a few criminal acts would have emerged, right?

I am aware of nothing. If someone else is aware of evidence of felony-level criminal activity by the Church of Scientology, then please place whatever evidence you’ve got that Scientology truly is a “criminal organization” in the comments section. Wait – better yet: Go to the FBI and get it reported to law enforcement, THEN put your evidence in the comments section!

After all these years of “exposure”, what we do have real evidence for is enforced Scientology disconnection. In Scientology, it officially remains a “high crime” to be in communication with anyone deemed to be an SP by the Church of Scientology. And this has ruined many careers, and broken up dozens of families.

It’s horrible. And very cruel.

But, as with just about every form of Scientology cultic abuse, disconnection is legal.

Moreover, there are contingencies to Scientology disconnection – even the enforced kind – that make it very hard for me, personally, to have the same level of energy that I used to have about “taking down” Scientology – if disconnection is really all there is to Scientology “criminality and abuse”.

As part of their militant tribal moralizing, I have seen Scientology critics demand that every Scientology family stay connected to each other, whether they want to or not. I have seen the hypocrisy and the self-righteousness for intrusion into other peoples’ lives reach moon-shot status just because, after all this time and energy and protesting and exposure – Scientology Disconnection is the only “smoking gun”; the only “crime” that remains visible after all the activist outrage dissipates from your brain.

The main thing wrong with Scientology is that you might end up disconnecting from someone in your family?


After all this time, is that all we’ve got?