Did Karen and Jeffrey Scam Chief John Poe?

A couple of months ago, Jeffrey Augustine and Karen de la Carriere of Augustine Investigative Services were featured in a spate of episodes on former police Chief John Poe’s “Poe on the Go” You tube channel.

Does anyone see anything funny or weird about Poe on the Go’s Video views here?

chief poe video views

This screenshot was taken about a month ago. Look at the views where Jeffrey Augustine was his guest on the show.

The discrepancies in video views on Poe’s channel are even more striking now.

Chief Poe’s average views are around 700-800. Yet when he has Jeffrey and Karen on – the views skyrocket into the tens of thousands!

Did Karen and Jeffrey purchase video views for their episodes to scam Poe?

Or are Karen and Jeffrey just colossal YouTube celebrities?

As I understand it, this time that Jeffrey was on with Chief Poe, something happened where that video was demonetized. Was this purposely demonetized to avoid YouTube taking down the channel for purchasing views and trying to get paid for it?

I’m not accusing Chief Poe of anything here. I seriously doubt he would be involved in anything like this. He seems like a good guy. And I have no idea if Jeffrey and Karen really did this. I’m just spitballing.

Because the numbers here are so odd.

If this did happen, Chief John Poe would not be the first of us to be scammed by Karen and Jeffrey – that’s for sure.

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