Chris Shelton Interviews the Most Embarrassing Atheist Possible

I’m not even going to comment on how embarrassing this guy is as an example of how illogical and insultingly delusional modern atheists can become.

I’m just going to post this video that atheist Chris Shelton recorded of a conversation with fellow atheist David Silverman.

“Sensibly Speaking” has apparently lost its dictionary definition with Chris Shelton. Anyone who can make it past 15 minutes of listening to these two fanatical zealots gets a prize.

Let me know if you made it past 15 minutes of this video, and how you got through it.


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Interesting video. Thanks for posting it. It’s listenable (is that a word?) at 2.0 speed. I scanned over it, so to speak, without taking anything too seriously, and there were some interesting points, even one or two funny points, to me, like the billboard “Make Christmas Great Again – Skip Church” at about 39:00.

Silverman feels he’s doing a service to people if he can disabuse them from a religious or mystical belief, yet there are plenty of people who REALLY, REALLY BELIEVE. Have fun converting them.

It’s quite possible that all life forms in the cosmos eventually biologically evolve to a brain to body mass ratio which naturally gives rise to self awareness, yet that in itself is rather mystical.

John Doe

Ok. 9:41. That’s as far as I got.

He holds an extremist belief, this Silverman guy, and he repeats himself over and over how he’s doing good. This implies everyone else that supports or tolerates those who believe in god or gods or have some kind of religious belief are doing bad. That is an example of sweeping Black/White thinking.

I’ve very little time to spend on blustering extremists: atheists, evangelicals, scientologists, Trump supporters, Bill O’Reillys…

So yeah.

Chris Shelton is free to air his views, or have anyone on his show he wants. I am free to disagree with him and say so.

And, after being in a cult where one could not express disagreement, it continuesly makes me happy to have reclaimed that right.

Good People

Hear! Hear!


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