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Victoria Britton Has Been Working for 10 Years to Get Answers – Where Was Scientology and the Aftermath?

So far the series has stayed away from the most important Scientology stories, such as Mike Rinder’s OSA involvement in the cover-up of the Danny Masterson rape cases. So when will Scientology and the Aftermath have an episode on the Death of Kyle Brennan?

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William Drummond’s Message to Ex-Scientologists about Mike Rinder

William Drummond, long time Scientologist, now Ex, from Britain, with family members who used to work for Mike Rinder in the Office of Special Affairs, wants to talk about the things Mike Rinder has NOT exposed in the 11 years he’s been out of Scientology with his own blog on the Internet, and in 3 Seasons of Scientology and the Aftermath.

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Who is Alanzo?

Alanzo Scientology

Alanzo is an Ex-Scientologist who sees the same tribalism he escaped in Scientology rising up in Anti-Scientology.

Of all the lessons he learned by escaping Scientology, he learned one lesson harder than any other: Never let your tribe do your thinking for you.

Alanzo tries to use critical thinking on the war between Cults & AntiCults.

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Latest Tweets from Alanzo

A new voice for Exes on their "recovery" from #Scientology. One that seems positive and constructive, and thankfully not filled with #AntiCult tribalism.

I'll be watching and reporting more on this!

A new critic of @MikeRinder emerges on the Ex-Scientologist Message Board. How long before she is banned & discredited?


"True religion is that relationship, in accordance with reason and knowledge, which man establishes with the infinite world around him, and which binds his life to that infinity, and guides his actions."

- Leo Tolstoy, 1902