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How Hubbard Lied: ReDefining “Individuation” Like It’s A Bad Thing

What if being a Scientologist was never a really a disease in the first place that you needed to “recover from”? What if it was just one part of your own much longer spiritual journey that taught you many important lessons, and from which you emerged stronger and wiser than ever?

How would you know?

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Gerry Armstrong Details the Scientology Fair Game Operations Against Him

Until the background of these acts have been exposed, detailed and thoroughly condemned by Mike Rider and Marty Rathbun, and amends made to Gerry Armstrong for what they have done to him, there can be little possibility that a person who wishes to claim they are “exposing the abuses of Scientology” fails to expose the some of the worst abuses that they themselves committed.

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Arnie Lerma, Whose Seminal Website, Got Many People Out of Scientology, Details the Fair Game Actions Waged Against Him

I am very grateful to Arnaldo for his courage in getting that website up in the early days of the Internet, keeping it up, and enduring the legal actions and fair game that the Church of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs.

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How L. Ron Hubbard Tricked You: The Scientology OT Levels

Consider that this is a trick that L Ron Hubbard pulled on Scientologists. Think about the terror a Scientologist experiences, and the ways their inner thoughts and environment are controlled by this trick. It’s a very vicious and uncaring one. It was a trick Hubbard used without regard to a Scientologists interests at all – but only to enrich himself off of their own inner terror.

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Ep 18 of @MikeRinder's #FairGamePodcast continues its distraction from the criminal activity of Miscavige & the rest of the officers of #Scientology.

Mary Kahn's experiences are real, but none of this is ever going to get justice for criminal activity.

And that's the point.

What stage are we in with regard to minority religions in the United States when so many people call them 'cults' & 'brainwashed' with so few questioning this delegitimizing and dehumanizing slur?
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Holocaust Memorial Day Trust @HMD_UK
The Nazi policy of forcing Jews to wear a star was an act of symbolisation which aimed to divide the Jewish and non-Jewish population. Symbolisation is one of the ten stages of genocide and has been used to divide communities in the lead up to genocides that have happened since.

On this anniversary of the assassination of the president of the United States, John F Kennedy, remember that the US spends .75 of a trillion dollars every year on the #MilitaryIndustrialComplex and has been involved in 2 perpetual wars for 20yrs.


Hey @ScientologyR -

Why would you want to teach people to look out for cognitive distortions in #Scientology, but not want them to consider looking out for cognitive distortions in Anti-Scientology?

Shouldn't the skills that #CBT teaches apply to all areas of life?

- Alanzo

"In 1930, Germany is a liberal democracy with elections, parliament & the rule of law.'

"Just 4yrs later freedom of speech is over...& the government is in the hands of murderers.'

"This is the story of how democracy died."

I'm crying this is so good!