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Regarding "Cult Brainwashing" accusations used to stereotype & dehumanize members of minority religions, I spot 10 out of 12 characteristics of BAD SCIENCE.

Can you spot the bad science in claims of "Cult Brainwashing"?


I love @RepRaskin and consider him a hero, but until any normal person has read this bill, no one knows what's in it, no matter the PR name they place on it.

We need widely available, public, NO-PARTISAN READINGS of US legislation impacting all our lives and all of our futures.

Note: 400,000 Americans died in World War II.
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Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley @RepPressley
Tonight, I joined my colleagues for a moment of silence to mourn, remember & honor the 500,000 American lives lost to this pandemic.

Anticult tribalist goes after anyone connected to accused rapist Danny Masterson, getting you to assume he's guilty before his trial begins & hoping you'll hate his family, too.

He uses your most base and degraded instincts to influence you in the worst possible way.

Such a POS

"Barker argued that, far from experiencing brainwashing, the large majority of people who attended recruitment seminars opted not to join the Unification Church."


It's been clear for a while now that @TroMcManus is celebrity Anti #Scientology's No1 Fangirl. She's been unable to remain objective in the matters she reports on for the @TB_Times. She's more of a tribalist, than a journalist, now.

This exchange proves it. It's a bad situation.