Ex-Scientologists – Be Yourself

When a person gets out of a minority religion (cult) and is thrust back into mainstream society, that person is bombarded with personal defamation and assaulted with the destruction of everything he’s built of himself in his previous path as a “cult member”.

Back now in the mainstream, he must continually excuse himself, his behavior, and the choices he’s made.

A newly-out x-Cultist feels overwhelming pressure to embrace, and to prostrate himself, to the mainstream.

To fit in now, he’ll erase and bury his own power of choice.


The scariest part of being yourself is embracing the choices you’ve made.

After creating a safe environment outside the cult and without having to please the mainstream – a safe space for you to examine these things – exhume the courage to understand and to embrace the choices you made to be a cult member.

As an Anti-Scientologist, this is what Jung called your “shadow”.

If you can understand all sides of yourself, including your “shadow” after a ‘cult’, you’re digging in the right direction.

There is so much treasure there.

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