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How the Anti Cult Movement Harms Ex-Members

Adopting the beliefs of the anti-cult movement dramatically changes the views and attitudes of those who experience a loss of faith. Those changes have a profound effect on how Exes make sense of their own past. So we must ask: How helpful is the ideology of the anti cult movement in making sense of your life?

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What do we want the day Trump is no longer president??

What Fascists do.
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Auschwitz Memorial @AuschwitzMuseum
16 January 1933 | Jewish girl Adrienne Fuchs was born in Sfântu Gheorghe (Sepsiszentgyörgy).

In 1944 she was deported to #Auschwitz, where she was murdered in a gas chamber after selection.

In celebration of Dr Martin Luther King who, on what would have been his 92nd birthday, was an American hero who brought us all closer to our own ideals as Americans.

And who was murdered for it by white supremacists.
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How many US States will come after Trump with criminal charges?

Let a million flowers bloom.


This is a great time to remind everyone that you can be 100% certain about something that is 100% false.

Certainty is not the result of knowledge, it is a neurological sensation.

We should have never allowed Reagan to break the unions. I'm glad we're finally seeing the destruction this has brought to the lives of 100s of millions of people.