Anti-Scientologist Pete Griffiths Tried for Assault & Battery Against Scientologists

pete griffiths assault & battery

Irish Examiner
Friday, October 27, 2017 – 02:01 pm

“A former member of the Church of Scientology (CoS) said he was “actually appalled” looking at a video played in the High Court of him following two church members distributing booklets in Dublin.’

“Peter Griffiths (63), who is currently unemployed and living in Ballina, Co Mayo, told the court that looking back now at the video he felt the two CoS members, Zabrina Collins and Michael O’Donnell, “are due an apology for what went went on.”

“The video, shot by Mr Griffiths in December 2014, was previously found by a judge to clearly show Mr Griffiths had consorted with another former CoS member, John McGhee, from Clara, in Co Offaly, in assault and battery on Ms Collins and Mr O’Donnell as they distributed CoS-funded “Truth about Drugs” booklets to businesses and homes in Dublin.”

“I hold my hand up and regret my role and I think it was terrible”.

“At the time the video was shot by him, in December 2014, he said he was “living it” but he believed now he should have stopped Mr McGhee from doing what he was doing.”

“Ms Collins said at one point she was hit in the face by Mr McGhee when he reached over her shoulder to try to grab her booklets….


We’ve written here before about John McGhee. And now it’s his friend Pete Griffiths assault and battery against Scientologists on the street that is ending up in court – an incident where it appears that McGhee was the one doing the assaulting on Scientologists while Pete aggressively filmed it.

I don’t think this is any kind of Ex-Scientology that anyone should ever be part of.

Here might be the video they showed in court. Is the Ms Collins in this video the one who was allegedly assaulted, as mentioned in the article? If so, it’s possible that Pete Griffiths and John McGhee have edited out the criminal act in this video at the 2 minute point.


The whole feeling of this video is that a criminal act is about to take place. These guys are extremely aggressive. You can feel the hate they have for these Scientologists. They have taken anti-Scientology to a whole new level of pathology.

Even without the physical assault, the verbal assault is disgusting on this woman – solely because she is a Scientologist.

This kind of behavior must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And all anti-Scientologists should see this video and decide for themselves if this is the kind of anti-Scientology activity they want to promote against Scientologists.

More at link:


Here’s some of the discussion right now over at SPs-R-US, Pete Griffiths’ Facebook group. Tony Ortega weighs in.

2 sps r us
Do you think Tony Ortega will write about this, or will he sweep it under the rug?

Dave Gibbons gives, what I feel to be, a very sane comment about Pete Griffiths assault and battery. But Perry Ley Nor, an admin in the group, gives him a stern warning.

2 sps r us 1
See how Brian Collinge, a person who often goes on these aggressive protests with these two, justify this behavior for the group.

2 sps r us 2
This is how you process clear evidence that your tribe is going off the rails. You find ways to justify it, to make excuses for it, and convince others who are concerned or disgusted that it really wasn’t that bad. It was done in Scientology, and it is being done in anti-Scientology, as well.

From looking at these people justifying for Pete and John, do you think this behavior from anti-Scientologists is going to get any better?


And now, Pete himself has weighed in online over his testimony in a legal matter that has yet to reach a verdict. I think that if I was Pete’s attorney I would strangle him at this point for doing this, and no court would charge me for assault and battery.

2 sps r us 3
And here’s more trashing of Anti-Scientologists who don’t condone violence against Scientologists:

2 sps r us 5

I believe that Arielle Sarai Xenuwitz is Tony Ortega’s wife. Imagine that.

And here’s a veiled threat of violence on Fiona for disagreeing with violence against Scientologists in Pete Griffith’s Facebook group.

2 sps r us 5 2 sps r us 6

These people are great, huh? As Exes, did you ever think that you would leave one crazy, intolerant group, just to go over to its opposite side – which is just as crazy and intolerant?

No thanks.

8 thoughts on “Anti-Scientologist Pete Griffiths Tried for Assault & Battery Against Scientologists”

  1. sorry, I just have to say this, again!

    regardless of religious beliefs or ACM or NRM or ACS or anti or ex,

    when it comes to dianetics or scientology,

    are there any “clears” or “OT’s”?

    That is the question anybody who has ever gotten involved in Dianetics and/or Scientology should ask themselves.

    That is the the question the media should be asking.

    That is the question any lawyer should be asking.

    That is the question the IRS should asking.

    That is the question any Government should be asking.

    • What the hell does that have to do with the subject of this article which is dealing with assault & battery charges against Pete Griffiths and harassment of Scientologists & critics critical of other critics??

      The whole point of comments sections are to discuss the subject at hand, but instead of doing that, you go way off-topic with irrelevant questions about whether or not Clears & OTs exist. You even admit that you repeat this over & over again.

      You know why its totally irrelevant, these questions you ask? It’s a little something called “subjectivity”.. Let’s play a little game of reversal.

      Does God exist?

      Did Jesus Christ exist and if he did exist and did he shed his blood and die for our sins?

      Is Jesus God?

      Are there any angels and demons?

      Does Hell exist and does the Devil really live there?

      If I become born-again will I really be guaranteed an eternity in Paradise at the right hand of God?

      Does sin exist?

      These are the questions that the media, government and lawyers and IRS agents should be asking, because if none of these are true, then Christianity is a scam and all religious organizations should be stripped of tax exemption and ALL believers should file a class action lawsuit against their respective churches.

      Do you see what I did there?

      You seem to completely disregard the fact that the purpose of blogs like this isn’t to prove or disprove the claims of Dianetics & Scientology. You know why? Because religious beliefs and their respective practices are subjective and protected from prosecution on constitutional grounds.

      What you can prosecute are activities that are prohibited by law and criminal abuse.of people. The ideas of Clear & OT are perfectly legal under the law. Even in countries like Russia & Hungary which ban minority religions they don’t do it based on theology but on grounds of financial fraud or allegations that religions like Scientology & Jehovahs Witnesses & Mormons are CIA or NATO spying fronts set up to gather open source intel. Even in Germany the attempts to ban Scientology (which always fail) are done so based on allegations that Scientology is a business masquerading as a religion and that Scientologists are involved in financial and real estate scams. And they’ve never been able to prove any of that sufficiently enough to ban it or even to get it officially classified as a commercial enterprise.

      It’s really sad that all this needs to be spelled out and debating Scientology on theological grounds is pointless when it comes to criminal abuse allegations.

      Need more proof? Read the history of the Catholic Church and how much blood it has on its hands and how many children have been raped. Last time I checked Catholic Church still exists. Why does it still exist? Because Catholic beliefs are legally protected. The Bible is legally protected. Believing that the Bible is God’s word is legally protected. Believing that the Earth is only 4,000 years old is legally protected. Believing that the Earth is flat is legally protected. Believe that leprechauns and little green men from Mars exist is legally protected.

      Torturing and impaling nonbelievers, committing genocide and raping kids, however, are not.

      • Thanks for this, Atomical.

        Even though Gib’s point was completely off topic, I posted it any way. I probably shouldn’t have.

        Information control in anti-scientology is rampant. And this is a great example of it. The whole thread on sps r us, where all these screenshots came from, is now gone. So even though the founder of the group Pete Griffiths has been put on trial for assault and battery against scientologists, you would think they would at least want to discuss it since it’s so pertinent to their core activities.

        But nope. It’s been shut down. And no mention of it has been allowed on the underground bunker or on ESMB.

        It’s why I call them the anti-scientology mafia network. I was part of it for a while until I became totally disgusted by it. A few key people coordinate back channel what gets talked about, and what appears on the internet, and what doesn’t.

        It us astounding to me that ex-scientologists who have been through the information control in the church condone this now that they are out.

      • actually I don’t think I’m off topic, but rereading my post I see I didn’t express myself properly. I was responding to the video clip. I wouldn’t protest in that manner, given rights to protest and free speech. I think Pete and John are going about it wrong. Myself, I would point out and ask the question in protest signs or verbal communication: Where are the clears? Where are the OT’s? Can they prove these things? Or something similar to a Debbie Cook email, but smaller or more pointed like DM is violating LRH policy as a protest sign.

        I mean saying Xenu to staff just does not communicate since most staff have not done the OT levels. Even saying abuses or crimes to staff does not compute for staff members, I know when I was doing services and protesters outside the org where saying Xenu and crimes and abuses, I didn’t have a clue what these protesters where talking about, I thought they were SP’s and nuts, all per LRH policies on the PTS/ST course.

        That is what I was trying to say.

        Imagine the poor sap who gets involved in scientology today, and lets say he is actually unaware of the internet or bad PR in the media, why the poor sap would be exposed to the Bridge to Total Freedom along with it’s so called abilities and states of awareness to be achieved, a Clear and then OT.

        I don’t know about other religion’s so I only speak my mind in the so called religion known as scientology.

        • Alanzo runs his own Tribe/Cult/Group. It does not really matter what Topic he is attacking. What Matter is this: Allen is a cantankerous stir shifter and he will only post this to argue. But it will be posted anyway and elsewhere. In Scientology you are always right. You will never see it from the other point. You will use Pan determinism to control the argument and fuck the word Empathy. Allen has no true feelings, he will always seek approval amongst you. Both ways! This type of person will waste your time and effort to resolve anything. He will seek out targets and make you feel bad. He will seek out your flaws or as he is trained to do, you Ruin. We on the outside call this Emotional Predators. This type of personality is well documented if you look, but you won’t as you find a challenge in him to play his game. Now i will save this before i post it and post it on 4chan as an image. Have a nice day Allen. And remember this: When you stop fucking with peoples life, i will stop fucking with you. Deep!

        • This is one of the most militant anti-Scientologists I’ve ever seen on the Internet. He was threatening a friend of mine on twitter with violence just a few minutes ago. He’s followed me here to make this post.

        • You realize how hypocritical you are? You think he’s “fucking with peoples [sic] lives” yet YOU are doing the same thing! Your head is so far up Ortega’s ass you taste the coffee he drinks before he does. One day you’ll get unplugged from the bunker and the reality of what you thought existed will shatter. You have made being anti-sci essentially your life. Without that, what are you? When you look in the mirror do you even see YOU?

          Whereas I fully immersed, I wasn’t to this level. Praise Jack Lord for that!! I still feel awful for the things I did in the name of ‘the cause’. There are good people still caught up in a mound of lies and doing things they wouldn’t normally do. YOU though, I think even without this ’cause’ you’d be out spreading your haterade in some cause because it seems you have a plethora of hate built up inside you have to expel. Why deal with your issues? It’s easier to take it out on others isn’t it?

          I hope some day you learn to be more secure as an individual, to not feel threatened by other people’s views, to realize people have the freedom of speech, and to be a better person.

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