Alanzosblog is currently accepting nominations for the Tom Cruise Award for the most fervent & fanatical Anti-Scientologist!

Tom Cruise Speech

He’s the Steely-eyed Recipient of the Medal of Valor. Our Winner Must Muster the Same Fierce Countenance!

Qualified Anti-Scientologists must be fiercely committed, intensely militant & thoroughly tribal.

They must be uncorrupted by critical self-reflection & self-examination.

They must be driven, their nostrils flaring.

Some examples of the initial nominees include:

John McGhee – for such a high level of certainty that he can physically harass Scientologists on the street, be successfully sued for it, and be completely unrepentent. Man that guy is a total Tom Cruiser!

Captain Billy D – He regularly speaks about a “Call to Arms” and that he will “wipe Scientology from history”. When confronted on his fascist, rights-denying rhetoric, he holds firm and accuses whoever questions him of being an OSA agent! THAT’S the Tom Cruise level of lack of self-reflection and critical self-examination we’re looking for !

Nominees for the Tom Cruise Award for Anti-Scientology Fanaticism must demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Uncorrupted by Critical Self-Reflection & Self-Examination
  • Fervently & Militantly Tribal – Never straying from the tribal narrative and constantly enforcing the anti-Scientology narrative and information control on others
  • Accepts nothing other than 100% Standard Anti-Scientology – and knocks out all instances of squirrel Anti-Scientology immediately!
  • Applies Instant-Attack Tech on all Namby Pamby, Panty-Waiste Dilletants! Foom! BAM! (hand cutting through the air like a sharp karate chop knife!)
  • Their rhetoric must constantly contain soaring generalities of murder & death, with breathless & hysterical accusations of felonies, and extremely vague tales of Scientology abuse – most from decades ago!
  • They must never – ever – recognize anything good in Scientology or in any Scientologist.
  • They must deny that Scientology is a religion, and deny the civil rights and freedoms of Scientologists.
  • They must be a Total Tom Cruiser!

Which anti-Scientologists do you know who fit the characteristics of winning the Tom Cruise Award for Anti-Scientology Fanaticism?

Nominations accepted in the comments section.