Andy Nolch: “I Cannot Get a Psychological Evaluation. It’s Impossible. Because I’ve Broken Free From the Matrix”

Andy Nolch is one of a kind.

Presented here without comment.


“When I read my psych report from the guy, it was kind of like, I mean he just didn’t know enough to evaluate if there was anything wrong with me or anything. And I might actually do a video where I read it out because it’s kind of funny to pick holes in just go look at this moron’s report.’

“I understand he’s making the best of a bad situation. He doesn’t know that he doesn’t know that he doesn’t know anything. But I think he did suggest that I might be paranoid, and I think he did….’

“Anyway, I’m going to reread it and of course, it was, it wasn’t really direct. It wasn’t like ‘I diagnose Andy with this’, it was kind of like, yeah, and he’s actually a nice guy and he has a good sense of humor. And he’s good. But blah blah blah blah blah, and even his report was sort of 1.1y because his tone was sort of 1.1 ! can. I can tell I can pick a 1.1. didn’t surprise me that this psychologist was 1.1, the whole profession is 1.1, right?

So even if he isn’t a 1.1, he would get then get trained in psychology and hang out with a psychologists he was stopped writing reports like a 1.1 would write is just it’s part of the culture, you know, I’m going to go a video in our region app and it was just like it, and in my interest. You can’t.’

“When, when you’ve got somebody who’s. When you go to society and they all brought up in the same, let’s say the same way they all brainwashing the same way. The older the same school is no single assignment so normal for them to like football on Sundays and go to church on Sundays, I’m turned around, but anyway. Then you can work out. Who is very low carbs, who is maybe insane or not, or who does it fit in or not, because you look at them right.

But if you got a population right of free beings, everyone is so unique and different. You can’t do a psychological evaluation of them, do see what I mean? So, I cannot get a psychological evaluation. It’s impossible because I’m broken free from the matrix.

“I have become my unique different person like you I am, we’re all actually unique and different. In automating quite powerful, you know, and so it ever has been dumbed down into this condition so you can take a person who has been raised up in a normal society, and then give them a psychological evaluation. But you can’t take free beings, and then do from a psychological evaluation and say, Well, your normal your normal urine saying you’re not insane because it’s just like they got like beings estate and they’re all different and they’re just amazing and it was like whoa, I mean, you can’t you can’t give a report on that, you know, I mean?”

“This is and this is why this is what made me realize about it made me realize how evil psychology and psychiatry, is, is because it seeks to control people, pretty much. It seeks to say, we know what normal is, this is what normal is this mainstream person. This is what normal is. And if people don’t fit into that category into this mainstream category, we say that person is insane. You see what I mean? So someone who’s weak willed right – it’s not going to happen to me – but someone who is weak willed, they’ll be like, ‘oh, maybe I shouldnt think that I’m like this or that and I should think that I’m like this”. And like he basically encourages you to be a stereotypical mainstream normal person.’

“So see what I mean like, it’s, it’s putting you into this.. a free thetan into this robot condition, and it’s enforcing it. Because people, no one wants to have a mental illness problem do they? You know what I mean? So people want to make people feel like they want to be normal and stuff. And then when doctor is trained in it and stuff says you’re not normal or whatever, then you think “oh, I need to be like this. this is what normal is, you see what I mean? See I don’t go around saying, This is what normal is and this is what isn’t normal.’

“You can be whoever you want to be. But psychiatry doesn’t say that, it says, “This is what normal is and if you don’t fit into this category, you’re insane you know? You’ve got a mental health problem.” So. That’s why it’s evil but it’s just a control mechanism it’s it’s seeking to make, it’s seeking the make people into this, these little slave things.’

“And it’s, I mean I’ll read the report out and it was even funny report because years ago when I was depressed I tried antidepressants for a few months and I went to a psychologist a few times. And I didn’t really get much from that so I stopped taking them. And it’s just funny how, when the psych, just does his report. In his report it’s like “Andy got treated successfully with psychological therapy and medication. 10 years ago or whatever”. And I was just reading I was just like, that’s not what I said, you know? What I mean I mean you just completely…. completely tried to talk it up.’

And then after we had our little chat or whatever he was like, so interested in seeking but like he just, he was just selling psychiatry basically. You know i mean? Did that just that to keep the business running you know? It’s just so it’s just a really stupid report I mean..’

“When I was answering the questions and the personality tests that I was given. I could just tell I was like, I can’t answer these questions anymore because I’m outside of this matrix of thinking, you know what mean I’m too OT for this. Like, it’s hard to explain it until you break out. Can you read the question and you’re like I reckon and I can answer this question, back before I broke out of the matrix and woke up and stuff, and it would actually help you to work out if I’m, if I’ve got a mental health problem or not. Now, I mean, I can’t even answer the question. I don’t know what to say I couldn’t say yes I could say no, I mean, what am I going to do, you know? like,

“And also if I say yes, I can see how you’re going to say that that means that I’m, I’m a narcissist or something, like for example, I would say, the question would be like, “Do you think you’re really awesome?” And of course I would say yes because I am really awesome and we’re all like God like amazing beings, and we all actually are really awesome so you tick Yes.

“Another question comes up, and it says, “Do you think that you can achieve anything?” That you are great or something and I’ll go “Yeah.” And we all are like that. Right. And so the next minute the result comes back and it says if the person’s a narcissist and it says they think they are the Messiah and they have Messiah complex and it’s just like, What are you supposed to say to that, like, sorry, I didn’t act like a dumbed down slave and say, “oh no I’m actually weak and powerless and I can’t influence the world, and I can’t change anything, and I’m just to total loser and all I can ever do is hope to get a good job and just. And just like buy coffees in the morning and….’

“And that’s what I can control, I can make sure I get that coffee and and I sure do out know thing and that’s all I ever achieved with my life.

It’s just like No! I can do much more than that!

And so, can everyone you know what I mean? But it’s just like as soon as you start saying hey, “I am great I can do great things” that they, they say that that means you think you’re some sort of crazy Messiah. I mean it’s just ridiculous. Like that, like theier questions are tinged as if they assume that we are all powerless and weak and can’t do anything.”

“Anyway, totally evil. Totally evil.”

2 Responses to Andy Nolch: “I Cannot Get a Psychological Evaluation. It’s Impossible. Because I’ve Broken Free From the Matrix”

  1. Doloras LaPicho March 17, 2019 at 4:16 pm #

    Really, Alanzo? You’re amplifying the voice of this guy?

    • Alanzo March 18, 2019 at 7:38 am #

      It’s a great example of someone who has adopted an ideology to do his thinking for him.

      It is a fascinating example of what can happen to us all whether we are Scientologists, anti-Scientologists, Jews, Atheists, Christians, Republicans, or Communists. Those are all ideologies people use to make sense of the world. Sometimes these cognitive sense-making tools go horribly wrong.

      When and how do they go wrong? Do they all go wrong in the same ways?

      How can we avoid that?

      Andy will be putting out a video describing his psych evaluation, his trial, and what he was thinking when he committed this crime.

      And yes, I’ll be writing about it because I believe it is important.

      Did Scientology really make him do it?

      Or did Andy do it?

      Where does Scientology start and Andy end?

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