Alanzo Armchair critic of Scientology

The actual armchair from which Alanzo sits and criticizes Scientology

Some people are activists against Scientology.

They make picket signs and stand outside churches and yell at the Scientologists inside. They talk to journalists and get themselves interviewed and appear on TV or in the newspaper. In the last few years, some of them have even gotten themselves into Oscar Nominated movies about Scientology, criticizing it.

They’re awesome.

They are doing something effective about Scientology.

While they are actively being activists, I do nothing.

I’m a nothingist against Scientology.

I’ve never yelled at Scientologists standing outside their Churches. When other critics have called me on the phone to do super sekrit Ops against Scientology, I’ve never actually participated. I was asked once to be a moderator on ESMB. All I did was copy all my own posts with its awesome search function and cut and paste them into my own files.

No journalists have ever bothered to call me. No one has ever asked me to be in a movie.

The chair I sit in behind the computer I use to criticize Scientology actually has arms on it. I rest my arms on my armchair. And while criticizing Scientology from the comfort of it, I do nothing.

I am a nothingist against the fraud and abuse of Scientology.