Arnie Lerma, Whose Seminal Website, Got Many People Out of Scientology, Details the Fair Game Actions Waged Against Him

Arnie Lerma

Arnie (left) Receives Legal Papers From Mike Rinder at OSA

In this series featuring the Old Guard Ex-Scientologist critics who Mike Rinder has fair-gamed, we turn to one Arnaldo Lerma. His, was one of the websites I POURED over in 1999/2000 when I was waking up from Scientology.

I am very grateful to Arnaldo for his courage in getting that website up in the early days of the Internet, keeping it up, and enduring the legal actions and fair game that the Church of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs – led by Mike Rinder – waged against him.

Here is a great interview with Arnie, videoed by videographer by Burt Leahy:


And in this Quora post, Arnie Lerma lists SOME the fair game actions taken against him.


And here’s a video by Mark Bunker showing Arnie Lerma getting served legal papers – originated by Mike Rinder as head of OSA – while working at the Lisa McPherson Trust in the 1990’s.

I’ve never met Arnie in person, but I have communicated with him over the Internet quite a bit.

I owe him a great deal. I would think that many Ex-Scientologists do, too – maybe even including Mike Rinder?

Possibly something for Mike Rinder to think about.

Here’s his donate button, Mike.

Hey Mike! Maybe you can send some of that Season 2 money his way.


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Pauline Hubbard

Just came across your site. At least Mike Rinder uses his own name. What’s yours?

Virginia McClaughry

There is evidence that Mike Rinder was running at least two OSA operatives in on the Lisa McPherson Trust assigned as “infiltrators” and paid 1000 a week out of the Flag Service Organization account.

“We asked Pesch if OSA ever told him what the money was used for. He said they told him vague things about medical experts and attorneys.

But then, for two or three weeks, someone screwed up, and Pesch found that FSO was being billed directly for a couple of OSA operatives. The OSA employees were being paid $1,000 a week each, and Pesch paid that from FSO accounts for two or three weeks until the error was discovered. “It caused a huge flap,” Pesch says when the error came to light. Quickly, OSA took back the billing on the two operatives.

We asked him what the two operatives were doing, according to the paperwork he saw.

Pesch says the two people very clearly described as infiltrators of the Lisa McPherson Trust.”

More McPherson Cover-Up Corroboration: “I Watched Them Drain $20 Million In Reserves”

Virginia McClaughry

“Mike Rinder admits the wrongs he did in the past and I think he is doing a pretty good of trying to make up for it.”

I believe that was a backhanded reference to this:

Scientology The Aftermath Episode 2

Rinder: “So, let me set the record straight in case that is the impression that is created: I apologize to anyone I hurt, and I am truly sad that I was that person. The only thing I feel I can do about it let that be know, but more importantly, try to make good going forward.”

Make good going forward? By doing a generic weak apology and NOT addressing the people who have specifically asked him about the black ops he ran on them?

Doesn’t sound much like “making good” to me, plus, as I recall this was Rinder’s attempt to try and deflect deserved criticism for why he won’t detail what he has done to people and apologize SPECIFICALLY to those people that he does know about.

I remain unimpressed.


I am impressed! thanks for that link.

Virginia McClaughry

You’re welcome.

Here’s a bit more about why I am unimpressed with Rinder’s blanket apology –


Thanks Virginia!

I read every thing you guys throw my way.

I’m learning so much. We may not always agree but I appreciate it:)


What does Rinder’s mug say, if that is really Mike?


I was as shocked as anyone to hear the news. It is very sad. was a staple on my way out of Scn, and for that I am grateful for Arnie’s efforts.

I never knew him, never spoke to him or exchanged emails. I know his story and the work he produced.

Clearly, this man was distressed and in turmoil.

Undoubtedly, the ACM will lay the blame on Scn’s doorstep, ignoring other relevant information which may explain his actions. Certainly his experiences with the church did not help. And I understand how one can become consumed by it. Nothing good comes of it.

I hope he has found peace.

Doloras LaPicho

Arnie is sadly not the first critic to commit self-murder. Off the top of my head, I can think of Ken Ogger “the Pilot”, and the Anonymous activist known as Rorschach. Not all the blame can be put at the door of the cult, but I think we can safely say: fighting a cult is corrosive to the soul.

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